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Bleeding after intercourse

Hi everyone, I'm new here and wondered if anyone could help me. I have just finished with my period and had intercourse with my bf, during that time it was painful because the condoms we used dried up very fast. After everything we realized that there was blood. so I want to know, should I be worried and could my boyfriend get sick if the blood touched his penis????

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Since the condom used is dried up it could cause rupture of inner walls of vagina. Another chance could be vaginal dryness causing irritation due to cervical erosion. It is usually present if you are taking birth control medicines.

Other than this, possible causes can be endometriosis, STDs or yeast infection. If you have seen other symptoms, do let me know.


Are there any symptoms I should look out for to know if I(or my partner) might have an infection?


For STD, if you see any of these symptoms mentioned below link, visit your GP

If you are having pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, pelvis, rectum, or vagina then it can possibly be endometriosis. Pain can be mild, or severe. Additionally if have constipation and intestinal problems then also you will need to consult with GP.

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Also support groups on healthunlocked to know more about symptoms: