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Smooth circumcision example

I have been responding to many posts related to queries on circumcision and I fi...

What Are Some Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

virginity control

how can one control his virginity to abstain from sex

Sexual Health

how diabetes effect sexual health after 60 years of age

Are we aware about our sexual health?

Family physicians and CupidCare have this small questionnaire for men who are fa...

Swollen testicle (hit by a tennis ball)

Hello, I got hit by a tennis ball on my right testicle and it got swollen, my ur...

INFO: Self Examination for Men

It is important for men to complete routine self-examinations of their genitals,...

Is down syndrome and morning woods are two sides of same coin???

Elevated fasting blood sugar and morning they have any connection???

Addicted to cyber sex? What are warning signs?

BLOG ENTRY Cybersex addiction has become a specific sub-type of internet addicti...

Diabetes-Biggest cause of ED

Besides screwing up your heart, eyes and kidneys and inviting host of other medi...
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