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I have a genital herpes and im a male! im also worried about my health and how others will react with this kind of condition, that everyone knows that their no permanent treatment. but luckily we have home remedies that reduce or quite relieve some pains and outbreaks. I have been dating and im afraid that my partner might leave me for i have a condition like herpes! I search online dating sites on the web and find this interesting because the members here are also with herpes and other std conditions. I try this site and found my self talking and communicating with other herpes people. Now, im not shy to tell my stories to others and we understand each others condition and we share ideas and talk alot! If you have herpes and you want to meed someone you want to talk to, i highly recommend this site and you should try, its free! Good try~

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Hello From Lee in Ireland

I hope you are keeping well. I have been suffering from G.Herpes and taking pills since July 2015. At the beginning I was shocked from being a HIV and then herpes. Uncomfortable and very difficult situation.

It's nice to rad positive comments from other fellow people who have similar conditions. Thanks for sharing the comment / link with us

Take care and have a lovely weekend


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