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Sensitive Issues for Men
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My ex

Lately I've been struggling with my break up. I know it's normal but we dated for a year and at the time I wasn't legally an adult yet. Right when my birthday came her parents forced her to break up with me. I feel like it is my fault for this whole situation. I still love her and I don't know what to do now. I can't move on

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Hi G, For now find some way of keeping in touch with her as she must not be happy as she was forced to do it, just keep a loving link going some way, and find ways you can meet her somewhere even if its miles away.

But keep your love for each other going, as love will find away.


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I agree but also keep your mind active if you like sports then get stuck in see your friends etc then if it is going to sort it self out it will


This can be a tough time. Try and stay in touch but do not upset her parents, it could make things worse for all.

Do keep up with your social life.


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