Foreskin problems

Hi . I'm very embarrassed to do this and not to sure which doctor to go to and how say what's the problem , so here I am . I just came to know that you should be able to pull your foreskin back As long as I knew I was not able to do that . I'm 23 and not sure if it's a problem. I can pull it back when it's not erect but . When it is erect I can't . I can see my penis head but not completely . (Should I post picture , for help ? ). And I'm not going to be circumcised. And can I leave it like that for ever ?

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  • You should see a urologist. My son had a similar issue, and the urologist suggested encouraging the foreskin to loosen with skin cream and gentle efforts to pull it back. Over time, it worked for him. Good luck.

  • Yes, as gopher says, try the stretching and possibly cortisone cream may help. Providing you can clean effectively you should have no problem. I was in my late twenties before my foreskin pulled back, and that was unexpectedly during sex and was quite uncomfortable for a while. Regular sex, no complaints from Mrs, so I would not worry.

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