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Bad Sinuses

Hi, I am Darrell

I have been trying to get rid of bad sinuses my adult life. I’m 7, I have seen several ENT people. It seems as though nothing works. Any suggestions?

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Hi Darrell... Years ago my doctor suggested that I start using a sinus rinse daily since I used to get sinus infections all the time and also had chronic post nasal drip, which no amount of throat clearing can get rid of.

Not sure where you are but in California there’s a product called NeilMed Sinus Rinse that has pre-mixed packets of a salt mixture along with a plastic bottle to mix with warm water. It has a nipple with tube so when you squeeze the bottle it sends the solution up one nostril and out the other.

I’ve made it a daily routine in the shower and use the excess saline as a final rinse for groin and armpits to help keep them fresh.

When you’re experiencing any kind of cold or sinus trouble just double the salt mixture and also do it twice a day. Sea salt and warm water actually works great as well. And if you’re ever in a tropical region and happen to catch a wave at the beach, you’ll notice you get the same effect. 😁


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