Delayed puberty

Hi, I know I am a late bloomer in terms of puberty. I’m a 16 year old ( Nearly 17 ) boy and I’m just anxious about my body.

I only started to get Pubic hair and armpit hair when I turned 16, now I have a lot of Pubic hair and some upper lip hair.

However, my penis hasn’t really grown. It’s not tiny, but it just doesn’t look adult like which is why I am worried. Will this come soon? I’m starting to worry about it more as it isn’t really developed yet and girls are starting to like me and I’m a bit embarrassed that it is small and child like still when I’m almost 17. My dad hit puberty around the same age as me, could this be why?

How long will it take to grow, and what Can I do? I don’t really want to be waiting a whole year as I want a girlfriend......


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  • Dylan, have you seen a doctor on this? Best to do that so that if there are hormone or other tests that you need that they be run sooner rather than later. The other piece to this is to have a talk with your Dad. You said he was a late bloomer too so I presume you have already had at least a partial discussion. It may not be comfortable for either of you to discuss but did his penis grow to average size and if so at what age? Regardless of what your Dad's situation may be, see a doctor ASAP so that you at least get a proper exam and information.

  • My dad said he was late aswell, but not as late as I am. I will book a doctors appointment.

  • Not quite sure what you are worrying about yet, Dylan. What's small, what's large - and what's average? Do you get erections? what does it look it as you would expect or hope for? None of us are the same and our expectancy can be based on all sorts of misconceptions. Some watch a couple of porn movies and wonder why they aren't as big and potent. If you are really worried and your Dad can't help, then do as Biker53 suggests and get some professional advice. Don't forget the old adage "Size ain't everything!"

    Good luck on this - hope things are OK and work out.

  • I am just worried as my penis isn’t small when it’s erect ( about 5 inches ) but it still looks like a child’s penis when soft and hard. The foreskin hasn’t detached yet and the head of my penis is still small. It just doesn’t looks like an adult penis should as it hasn’t grown yet ...

  • Maybe no serious worry...but talk over your concerns with your GP. They are used to these sort of worries and will refer you on if specialist treatment is needed. It could be early days yet.

  • I have been having bowel problems the last year including chronic constipation and some blood in my stool. I had some tests and they just said IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome ). But I know that Crohn’s disease can cause delayed puberty, maybe this could be the case....

    I will book a doctors appointment

    . I’m just worried about my penis maturity as I’m nearly 17 and it hasn’t matured yet... it’s sort of embarrassing

  • Good that you are seeing the doctor. Yes, I know these things are embarrassing - but much better once you have started something moving. You're on the right track...go for it!

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