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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Foreskin getting stuck

During one of my first sexual experiences, my foreskin became stuck behind the head of my penis and only went back over after a couple of frantic worrying seconds. Ever since then I have been scared to try again and very sensitive and overly careful not to repeat this.

My foreskin seems a little tight so could this be Phimosis or could something with the head of my penis cause this and should i try to see if it happens again?

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I reckon you need to try a GP first, Paulo. I was a little boy when I had a problem with a tight foreskin. I don't remember what was done or it being done (circumcision I think) but all is fine now, 75 years later! Sounds scary, I know, but you don't need a problem like that and a medical opinion would be useful.

Meanwhile, maybe some form of gel or oily lubricant might help with the discomfort?


Go get your penis checked out with a Urologist. If your foreskin is to tight, the doctor might need to do a "stretch skin" procedure or at last resort, a slight cut on the edge to expand it a bit.. just thinking here.. Doctor is expert on these male matters


Nothing to wrong about its very common, at least it wasn't stuck for long as it can cause serious problems.

It's worth checking with your GP. Be prepared for a referral to a urologist and possibly a circumcision.


Many comments on here about this and similar. General opinion is try gentle stretching and possible cortisone creams before resorting to surgery. I have to ask if your Foreskin is pulling back during intercourse are you using a condom ? If you are young I am guessing not in a long term relationship, so a condom is highly recommended. I found a condom stopped the Foreskin pulling back uncomfortably and did little to reduce feeling. What happened to me was very similar and it took quite some time to pull back and quite scary at the time. This was the first time with my future Wife and caused no long lasting problems. If it causing you distress or ongoing pain I would go see the Doc. If not wait and see. Don't think you will have long lasting problems. Good Luck

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