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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Scared to masturbate

So this thing happened about 2 weeks ago. I rubbed one out while watching porn like normal. Then i found another video that looked good. I felt a little daring so i rubbed out another one. The problem was after that, a couole days later, i tried rubbing one out but it didnt feel right. My erection wasnt staying up as long and i would feel weird. Its like i start to go loopy and i feel my vision blur a little. I still managed to let it out but after that, i was sorta worried as to why that happened. I tried doing it again today but something was definitely wrong. I would watch porn and i would get aroused. I started rubbing my junk, hoping it would harden up but it didnt. Instead, i feel the point of climax and my whole body felt like it was slightly numbing up. My heart rate went up a little so i stopped immediately. I have no idea why it happened. Im wasnt erect or aroused at all but i felt the feeling of ejaculation starting. Im scared to do it. Now its to the point where im scared that i might die of a heart attack or something the next time i ejaculate. I have masturbated multiple times a day at some point, but never in a row so im wondering if that day 2 weeks ago did something. It has been going on for a while and normally its been once every night. Please help me!

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Fearandconflict go see a doctor


As Vitrviusman suggests you may well be advised to speak to a Doctor. Not being able to maintain an erection is not unusual especially if you are masturbating quite regularly. We all need a rest you know ! But if your heart rate did go up that could be a concern, or it may be you are just worried about not getting a harde on


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