Low t

Does anybody have low t and had treatment on the nhs ??my test is low but apparently not low enough for treatment

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  • Take Andriol Testicap 40 mg thrice daily for 3 weeks

  • Is that a booster ive been told thats what causes low t but ive been suffering for years thats y i took some my bloods were low but in normal range ive to go back nxt month if i dont get any joy either off private or going to educate and self medicate

  • When I got diagnosed with Hypogonadism which is the diagnosis for low testosterone. The normal range for men is between 8-30 nmol/L . My bloods were taken on two separate occasions and the lowest was 7.2 nmol/L. My Urology consultant started me on Tostran replacement gel but I had too many side effects. I have been on Testogel gel sachets for a while now and my testosterone level is steady around 13 nmol/L. Good luck with finding the right testosterone replacement for you.

  • My test come in at 8.6 and my lh and fsh where low but not low enough for treatment cant live like this anymore if i didnt have brain fog and could get into my head id do ut mylsef but nothing registers at the minute in my head

  • I know it's very frustrating as the testosterone range is not very helpful. It says the testosterone range is for men age 40-80. I went to my GP aged 29 with ED and lack of energy and low mood. I only got diagnosed with Hypogonadism and Osteoporosis at the age of 40 after fracturing my spine. I can't understand why the age range is so vast as why would a 40 year old man have the same testosterone levels as a 80 year old man?

  • I had/have? low T levels mine was 7 i also have a prolatinoma (pituitary tumor) they put me on tostran and testim messed so many things up caused breathing issues problem with my forearm made my Fibro pains sky high pushed my BP up through the roof ended up having a TIA/mild stroke amongst other things that not saying as your post isn't "LOCKED" as this will be all over the net if not so ask admin if don't know how to do.

    Since been off it long while BP has come right back down but still have DVT come up on tests.

    So be warned about the dangers of T it's actually far worse than using Estrogen!

    Many quacks don't like leaving people on it now esp older people because of issues

    they was doing a test/study into one of them had to end early as all the subjects either croaked or had bad issues!

    Yes i do my research.