Sensitive Issues for Men

Irritating Pain / Over-Sensitivity

I have pain on the left side of my penis. The pain is felt on the glans itself (corona), and neck of penis. Not sure how it started exactly, either I injured myself from stretching exercises or it could be pelvic floor muscles tension, they both started around the same time. My erection levels are normal, no curvature, and no discoloration since the pain started over two months ago.


- Over-sensitivity on the left side of penis from the slightest friction or touching. Walking or even sitting seems to aggravate it. It is least painful when I wake up in the morning, almost nonexistent, and the pain seems to increase as the day goes by. Normally I woke up with morning wood.

- Left buttocks and hip pain while sitting.

- PC muscles (between rectum and testicles) feel spasmed. I feel like I am sitting on a golf ball.

- Tightness around the opening of rectum, painful when I massage it.

- Plantar fasciitis on left foot, not sure if that's related.


I went to my urologist who thought I could have injured a vein on my penis and caused a blood clot. He suggested to apply heat, take Motrin, and abstain from ejaculation.


I have been applying heat from near infrared lamp and rice sock almost daily.

I am taking curcumin as anti-inflammatory and Nattokinase daily for blood clot (if I do have it).

I have been applying essential oils to my penis in the morning and night: Helichrysum, Frankincense, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Lavender.

I started applying vitamin e on my penis recently as well.

I abstained from masturbation for three weeks, even when I see girls I lower my gaze. I don't go on any website that could lead me to watching porn including Youtube. During this period I had 2 wet dreams. I noticed when I woke up I had no pain at all after ejaculation. Not sure what that tells you.


I need to get married by the end of the year. I am still virgin, I have never even kissed a girl. I am depressed, scared, and feeling hopeless. If anyone offers me 100 million dollars and tells me to deal with this pain for the reset of my life, I wouldn't take it. I need my penis back, that's the only true joy I get out of life. When I see beautiful girl out there and remember my injury I just want to cry. I am scared of any complications.

I want to heal myself quickly but I need to know what I am dealing with first. What do you recommend I should do next?

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You should see another urologist for a second opinion.


Hi, I have very similar symptoms and feel the exact same way. I went to 3 urologists. All were complete incompetent fools. You have symptoms of Pundendal Neuralgia. Go see a Phisio or PT who specializes in the pelvic floor.