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I am 16 and living in the UK and have some issues i need addressing.

My penis is only 2 and a half inches (when soft) and i'm kinda worried about that its like it hasn't developed at all since i was a baby and its really getting me down. additionally i cannot pull my foreskin back like at all, so yeah it seems really under developed for my age.

Another concern is that when i get an erection i get tiny white raised spots all over the foreskin covering the head of my penis.

Help would really be appreciated here as i'm having a real tough time with it. Thanks.

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A penis that is two and a half inches when soft is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Penises can be very small when non-erect. A lot of guys have ‘little acorns’ when soft, so please don’t beat yourself up if you think your non-erect penis size is less than others. Some guys look small when non-erect but grow a lot when they get hard. Don’t go comparing yourself to other guys in the gym or locker room!

On your second point, you foreskin is designed to retract over the head of your penis. If your foreskin feels too tight, I would encourage you to speak to your doctor. They may well refer you to an urologist consultant. In some cases, I believe there are topical creams they can prescribe to help stretch the skin. In other cases, they may recommend circumcision – which may be the best option if your foreskin really won’t retract at all. I’ve known adult guys that have had this done and they all seem very happy with the result.

You can also tell the doctor about your other concerns, but honestly, I’m sure they’ll re-assure you that all is absolutely OK. The skin on your penis can have tiny sweat glands or hair follicles, and these can look like white spots when the skin is stretched.

Given your age, I’d encourage you to speak to a sympathetic parent of guardian that you want to see your doctor. I know it might seem super embarrassing, but having a tight foreskin is a common concern and it best to speak to your doctor about – particularly if it’s causing you to get depressed or anxious.


Thanks for the advise its really helpful, i guess i'll have to go to the doctor but better than sorry right!

any way thanks again.


I can't add to what westbury18 advises - all good solid advice. I would only add that it is important that the foreskin is able to retract to prevent any accumulation beneath not being cleared. I had this problem as a little boy and had a circumcision....although I have little memory of the procedure.


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