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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Guys, It's time to admit when we're hurting

Why is it so difficult for men to admit when they're hurting? Be it physical pain, emotional pain, or even something as serious as a mental breakdown, as men we almost always wait until it's too late to admit that something is wrong. How many stories do we hear about where a man ignored clear physical symptoms for months until he finally goes to the doctor and finds out he has stage 4 cancer that could've been treated earlier? How many times do we see our friends or family struggle with depression or anxiety that built up over a long period of time? IT IS TIME TO END THESE PRACTICES! But how?

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1: Insist that our schools (UK) provide the way to the medical profession by Appropiate courses.

2: Repay all tuitiion fees for medical students at degree level on graduation.

3: One doctor on £ 120 000 a year= overload = inadequate time per patient = mistakes. Two Doctors on £ 60 000 each would = more time per patient = less mistakes.

4: Any employer who imposes severe financial penalties on workers who take time off to see doctor shoul be liable to pay double full compensation for any subsequent loss.

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You won't get doctors working for £60,000. They are incredibly highly skilled, very hard working and could earn so much more if they went into the business sector. Why would they 'sett;e' for £60,000 when the world is their oyster?

Our son is following the medicine path (currently doing GCSE), and his school is incredibly supportive.

Roll on 20th(?) August for results ~ may miss Mandarin A by a fraction, but the rest should be solid A* and the add A.


I agree with the points you both make, however, I'd also like to place more responsibility and accountability on men as well. Guys, we need to make changes in our own lives if we wish to change the course that we are currently on. The old belief systems of "suck it up" and "big boys don't cry" are KILLING US. That doesn't mean sacrificing toughness or our "solve the problem" ideals, but clearly there are too many men that are suffering. What do you think we can do to change these beliefs so that our kids and their kids and so on realize that it's okay to ask for help? If we are to ever slay the dragon of mental illness amongst men, particularly regarding the substance abuse that often arises alongside it, we MUST change our most basic and traditional belief systems. Thoughts??


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