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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

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I had a massive MI/ Heart attack. I was stented @ widowmaker -6 months later after having bad chest pains for awhile- I had another heart cath. The stent had closed. The doctor did not do anything. I was scared that if it had closed & no blood was pumping thru it I wud die. I was told they couldn’t take it out. Then another heart cath. 2 months later the doctor said he put a larger stent over the closed stent. So one Dr did nothing and the next this. Can they really put a larger stent over it? I haven’t read anybody else having that done..Is this common or is it not usually done? Confused!!

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Hi I believe that can put another stent inside the existing one and inflate it from within.

I’m interested that they put u back in cath to take a look because I’ve been plagued by aches and pains. Been to A&E loads of times in 2 years and told nothing wrong.

Most time it’s ok I get in with it but other times it freaks me out and makes me anxious.

I think must b ok as I excercide etc with no problem. Only suggestion seem to b it’s damaged muscle and cartilage etc from 25 mins of CPR. Only benefit is it serves as constant reminder what happened and to live life more steadily. I was a big cyclist and whilst I still cycle and have to not push to hard so at least the aches remind me!

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Kings told me all was well after my widow maker event in Dec 2015 and their follow up in April 2016. Subsequently had 2 more cath lab visits one stent then another two in March 2017.

Yes it’s scary but I have no follow up appointments and the NHS say I’m fine.

Am I? Who knows? Can’t get travel insurance so every time I come to Spain, I keep my fingers crossed!

Most of the time I’m absolutely fine.

Back at work - thank God - I take my meds every day and hope that’s enough.

Am 57 and waiting for grandchildren and a dog!!!

Take care

Lifesamystery in reply to jo0267

I hope u stay healthy.. easier to get a dog than grandchildren:)( please go to shelter& rescue- a dog is waiting for you too save it)

jo0267 in reply to Lifesamystery

Yes but what do I do with the poor dog when I’m at work?

It would be a great form of exercise and I have enough live in my heart

Does seem quite strange but if it helps and the blood flows then good news all around. I didn't think stents could close that sounds quite worrying but your in expert hands. Ask the doctor for a consultation tell him your worries I'm sure they will be understanding and put your mind at ease.

Good luck.

It is not that uncommon for a stent to close- unfortunately! It does require another heart cath to find it ..


jo0267 in reply to Lifesamystery

A neighbour of mine has 12 stems. Has had them for 15 years now and is thoroughly enjoying life

I have no knowledge about stents in stents but if you have concerns I would advise talking to your doctor's for reassurance. They know better than we. I fully understand your concerns it can be very worrying time after a heart attack. I had to seek councellor in the end and this really helped me. She recommended I look at Mindfulness as a way to cope better. Both really helped me.

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