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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Confused New here n grasping at straws for some support

1year ago I was rushed to hospital n diagnosed as having a heart attack. Following CMR Test etc had to wait 7 months to get a follow-up appointment to be told there was nothing wrong with my heart. I was breathless at the slightest exertion n had pain in the left of my chest after doing literally nothing for 6 months I found it was easing up so started to do light activities. In the last month or so the breathlessness has returned with increased pain in my chest. The doctor has 're referred me to the Consultant I wait again !

I have had high blood pressure ( controlled by tablets for 20 odd years until 3 years ago when my mum b dad died n it soared. Doctor spent 2 years unsuccessfully trying to reduce it by increasing my tablets Last year in hospital I was given more which seem to have done the trick until recently

Oh I also was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago

Chest xrays came back fine

So my problem is .... today I have had pain in the left of my chest and through to my back and breathless at the slightest thing. I thought Hoped!!)maybe I pulled a muscle but having rested all day the pain eased off although it's hovering

Sorry to ramble on but I'm reluctant to shoot off to hospital given that these symptoms are pretty much what I had last time n they said it's not my heart !

Confused and bewildered !!

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I would go back to hospital again. If you have pain then it needs a diagnosis.


Get it checked out. You're only dead once, normally. I survived cardiac arrest. Try to avoid that.

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One assumes that you have been checked out for angina ?? . It does sound more like a muscular problem than heart.

However a another reply says rock up at AE they will never turn you away or judge you . Have aECG and it will show if you are having a problem or indeed if you have had a problem in the recent or distant pass .


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Yes have been told it's not angina I had a number of ECGs that showed something that in conjunction with the breathlessness and pain led them to do an angiogram

Had Cardio MRI which showed heart ok But the part when they injected the stimulant to see the effect of stress had to be stopped as I had acute chest pains etc - what I would associate with what a heart attack would feel like !

This has never been followed up or explained


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