"I Daniel Blake"

How many people have watched Ken Loache's powerful film (above)? I am like Daniel Blake & wonder how many people on here can relate to the film? Those that don't know, 'Daniel Blake' 59, a carpenter, suffers a heart attack. The film , based on true facts, follows him on his quest for benefits. Without spoiling it, the film is both powerful and emotional. It even made me contact Ken Loach to congratulate him. The film has won best British film & continues to acclaim many tributes. Well, I am like Daniel Blake! I'm a self employed 61 year old builder. I haven't had any income for 6 weeks now, and been put on the sick for another 6 weeks. The only trouble is, I cannot claim any money at all and we are now living off our savings. Love to know if anybody else is suffering like I am?

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  • I have watched it it's a gd film isn't it👍🏻👍👍👍

  • Hi Pjays.

    Yes indeed I suffered at the hands of the DWP. I had been off sick and had SSP for 28 weeks. Then someone told me about ESA, which I duly claimed and was entitled to.

    However, I was called to a DWP assessment which deemed me 'fit' because , amongst other things, I could lift a piece of paper and an empty cardboard box.

    I took a letter from Harefield asking me not to increase my hours until after my next appt. but they were not interested and I lost ESA.

    I haven't seen the film yet, but intend to watch it very soon.

    Good luck! X

  • I done a reply to another post. Please read and please watch that film. Also go on You Tube and watch the documentaries on the film!

  • Unbelievable!

  • I am in exactly the same situation. I cannot get sick pay because I am classed as self-employed, I cannot get job-seeker's allowance because I am not fit for work. I cannot get any means-tested benefits because I was daft enough to save for my retirement.

    As a Flying Instructor I lost my medical when I had my heart attack. The CAA say I must wait at least six months before I reapply. I have therefore been using up my savings for the last six months. I must now undertake a series of tests, including stress angiogram, at my own expense in order to prove that I am fit enough to fly again. This will cost me about £1000!

    At least I won't have to worry about having too much savings when I get old.

  • Stress echo? Hmmmm lovely. But at least you find out what's going on and can move forward. Difficult to cope with the financial side of all this, but just keep swimming x good luck! X

  • Same here. I along with a business partner of 40 years, run a very successful hard landscape business. I had my 7 week heart scan Thursday. Got my results yesterday where the consultant told me I must never lift again. That's impossible in my job! I've had big heart to heart talks with him as it's nearly impossible for him to run the business on his own. The specialist said employ people. When I explained what we do takes years of training, she just ignored me then. I told her to watch 'I Daniel Blake' . I know it's not her fault but so frustrated with the system. I'm nearly 62 & my savings are slowly going. Talk about 'no stress' . Good luck to you and the future

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