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So I,m 3 months on from having sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack. Two months on from my echocardiogram and rubidium scan and I,m still waiting on results and to see the doc for follow up appointment. The care in hospital was second to none and second only to my 80 year old neighbour (retired nurse) who administered immediate cpr. After care is somewhat patchy, a community nurse turned up at my door last week, had no idea I was to expect one. She now tells me i won't be able to start cardiac rehab as she has in her notes advisory I,m due another stent first!!! Then I received a letter from Heart Failure Clinic (encouraging name....not). For Mid April!

I,m walking and doing stuff I can. Whilst I,m doing stuff I will feel fine but later or the next day I,m wiped out. This normal? My problem is I kinda feel abandoned by NHS, after 3 weeks or so on icu , one to one care I'd have expected better after care

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  • The NHS is great for emergency care but if you want the best care after you need to pay for it. A proper half hour consultation with the senior consultant will answer all your questions and speed up any follow on procedures needed.

  • Yes think I'm going to have to. Thanks

  • I think the medics are so confident they have fixed us that they lose the aftercare we so desperately need. My experiences have been the same BUT I had private healthcare and after the last surgery the consultant didn't come to see me or my husband. No sick certificate and my locum GP had to Google how long I was going to be off work for.

    Stick with being a nuisance and make sure you get that follow up appointment. Good luck

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