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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Any future complications as a result of a cardiac arrest such as mitral valve and/or aorta regurgitation?

I bleed out 6 liters of blood from a nicked embelliccus during a procedure and as a result had a cardiac arrest. I have chronic liver disease also. Now I have mitral and aorta regurgitation ( mild presently) and not sure if this valve problem could be from my cardiac arrest. Also I am diagnosed with pulmonary hypertention since my bleedout and wondering if my PH could been a result of my bleedout involving disruption of my circulatory system. Any info would be appreciated.

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Wow, you've really been through it. I'm sorry to hear it's been so awful for you. I can only suggest you talk to your doctor or rehab team as I have no experience of your situation. I do hope you can get answers. Best of luck.


Are you sure you didn't have mitral valve regurgitation before the op? I found out I had it about 20 years ago during a different problem so when I had my heart attack I was able to say categorically that it wasn't due to the attack.


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