Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Need advice for angiogram procedure

Hello 2 weeks ago my mum rushed to the hospital ER for difficulty of breathing initial findings pulmonary edema/pneumonia but later took her straight to Intensive care unit for she was diagnosed heart attack.To take note my mum had a stroke before and half body paralysed 20 years ago,left sided but she can still stand and walk a bit with a helper,she can remove her top clothes without any help,she is not totally dependent for her condition but yah she is still in the ICU at the moment and the cardiologist did the test 2Decho to test her heart condition and said that 38%is only functioning in my mums heart,should be at least 55%-60% at her condition so they plan of doing angiogram with her and either to do angioplasty or heart by pass procedure later depends on the result of the angiogram.My mum is 74 years old and the kidney is not 100% ok,I'm just worried that might injured the kidney when they will do the angiogram cause by the dye they will use in the procedure and may cause more complications to my mum's health condition and I don't know if she can cope with it.they said in every procedure there are risk we need to consider.I shared this cos I wonder anyone here experienced or had the same situation and how is it goes.We still in between decision to do the procedure or do conservative treatment as some doctors suggest.But what we want is the best for my mum what ever it takes as long as she will stay with us longer for the rest of her life cos I love my mum so much !.I appreciate whatever you can comment.thanks for your time to read.

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I've had two angiograms. One at 50 and another age 62. Both went smoothly for me, but then I didn't have the health issues your mum has. My advice is do what you think will make the quality of her remaining life the best. I know easier said than done. Extended life with poor quality of life just isn't good for anyone. Anyway I wish you all the best whatever you decide.

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I'm afraid i can not help you as I have no experience of this. I wish you and your Mum all the best. Jenny

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The angiogram is pretty safe – as they know about her kidney problem they will use a different contrast agent that won't upset them (but doesn't give quite such a good picture and is more expensive). They will only do a stent if it would be more risky to leave it alone.

38% "ejection fraction" isn't great but as she is already limited by her stroke she won't be trying any marathons and 38% will give her enough "horsepower" to get about and enjoy life.

Once they have fixed any risky problems and treated her fluid overload she will be back to her old self.


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