Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

Heart attack and bypass

Hi all

After experiencing chest pains for several weeks back in march 2015 and being told by Doctor's that it was acids reflux/ulcer, I finally had a heart attack three weeks later. Fortunately it was a mild one, but scary all the same. But, worse to come was after the angiogram, when I was told I needed a triple bypass. I'm 46, so shocked was an understatement. I was a smoker, but slim and otherwise healthy, or so I thought. After coming home from hospital I did all the right things, eating healthy and plenty of exercise and obviously I stopped smoking too. After 3 months I started to have pains in my jaw when walking so had another angiogram and found out that one graft had failed and another developed a kink so needed stents fitted. Another blow which was hard to take in. But now nearly 2 years on, I feel just about back to my old self again. I enjoy life now and don't stress about small things. I appreciate each day more and where as before I felt unlucky that all this had happened to me at a young age. I now feel lucky that I am here and realised that I had a warning, something that not everybody gets. So for all you on here, like me who had a heart attack. Think and realise that someone was looking down on us and said it is not our time to go. Enjoy your second chance, as not everyone got one. Thanks for reading and hope it wasn't too boring.

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That's very comforting & great to hear.

Fantastic you recovered & feel so positive.

I too was only 46, very fit & healthy, non smoker etc yet I had full cardiac arrest whilst out cycling in middle of no where. Less than 10% of out of hospital CA survive so I too look at life differently,.

Take care & enjoy every day :-)

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