Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack


I just want to write cos this is the time of day I find the hardest. I am shattered so I go to bed but then I am so scared and every little twinge magnifys in my head! I try to relax etc but my mind won't switch off 😞I'm seeing my doc tomorrow and maybe ask him for sleeping tabs tho I'm reluctant to take even more tablets! I talk to my husband but unless u have been thru this u can't understand fully.

I'm sorry to have moaned cos I know we r all in the same place x

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Hi hope you got to sleep.

It's hard but does get better. I was same for ages. My wife would be asleep & I lay there worrying:-(.

I attended anxiety support & whilst I'm not perfect & back to normal it has helped a lot.

Good luck

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Hi Janet Bob,

I had a major heart attack in Sept and was later told I only just made it through.

Yes I've had fears, but after a while you find that you are not actually about to die.

I now walk, 2 to 3 miles each day and that has helped reduce many minor symptoms.

I had been using amitriptyline to sleep before the HA but had to stop as they are risky if you have heart problems. Occasionally I have a bad night but your body will always catch up with sleep.

So exercise, talk your heart tablets and over a few weeks you will likely find things settle down.

So good luck and I hope 2017 brings you some peace.



Hello Janet

All that you are experiencing is unfortunately normal. And as you say no matter how well meaning no one who has not gone through the experience can fully understand. Over time you will come to realise the twinges etc were always there before . I would be surprised if the Doctor prescribes sleeping tablets with your other meds . Have you , do you attend a Rebhab group ??? .



I asked for Zopiclone and got a packet. Not for taking every night. Just when I need them


No problem. I know its hard to switch off every little pain in the chest you automatically think here we go again. Try not to let anxiety get to you (easier said then done I know !) But worrying is going to get you no where. Take a fresh outlook on life . OK you have been though a massive change but this could be for the better. Sounds patronizing I know but to me it was a massive wake up call .

They say you are what you eat well if that's the case I must have been stupid ! Try and take 1 day at a time don't worry about pains in the chest you are going to get these what you have been though. Just eat healthy keep to the greens stay away from the reds. Do daily exercise I have a app on my phone called the 7 minute workout try it. And say to yourself yes I was down but now I am better !

Take care.

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We have all been there I think. I can remhember jow you are feeling clearly. Sleeping pills are not the answer in my opinion. I use Mindfulness for my anxiety. But first you have to be in a better place in your head. Nothing we say will help really, you need time to realise you are alive and you beat it and now it's time to start afresh with the next part of your life. It takes time but it has to come from you. Pills won't make this happen. Really you are alive and have a life in front of you waiting for you.


I got sleeping pills.... I am not anxious about going to sleep but haven't been able to sleep well for years. I get to sleep but wake up loads during the night...makes for a very long night. I reckon it is an inherited trait.


I can really empathise with your feelings, I too find that time of day really difficult - the evenings are a nightmare too, every little twinge or pain starts me thinking, 'at what point do I need to start really worrying!" Likewise, I talk to my husband but it is difficult when you are not in the body that is experiencing it and he finds it hard to know what to say though I know he is there for me. Now four months on from having my stent fitted I was hoping that all these twinges and feelings would by now have gone. Sorry, my reply doesn't really help you but just thought I'd let you know that we are all in this together, each morning I give thanks for getting through another day and night. I too am seeing my doctor today. Do hope all goes ok for you and you get some reassuring answers.

My very best wishes


Thank you so much it's good to know I'm not alone! I just washed my hair with hubbys help and that has wiped me out! I feel useless but so glad to be alive. I can't see a doc til tomorrow cos I refused to sit n wait in a room full of dick people lol

Keep well xx


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