Heart Attack at 35 - Seriously?

Hey All. Only a few days out of hospital after having a attack last week (21/11/16) aged just 35. I'm 5'11, weigh 12stone, never smoked or taken drugs and very rarely drink. However I have a dreaded family history. Either way this came as a huge shock to me, and I'm certainly now questioning my life expectancy. I had 2 stents placed into my lower artery as there was a partial blockage. Now on a lifetime of drugs. Still unsure of what if any lasting damage has been caused, but I'm totally devastated. I'm determined to fight this though, coming through it fitter and stronger. Keep well all - Carl.

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  • Be strong my friend 35 is young you have years ahead of you enjoy life don't go mad eating all that is good etc try just living and enjoying the rest of the day ye go for a walk latter a run its only just happened put it behind you listen to your doctors and you will be fine

  • Hi, sorry to hear your news. Hopefully no damage, you will find out when you see the cardiologist.

    It's tough and so annoying. Same happened to me at 46, again i'm fit and healthy, never smoked or took drugs, no junk food etc & excercised all the time since a teen. I actually had cardiac arrest out cycling in middle of no where. So lucky to be here but as you fear for life expectancy & it's a long time to take the meds for life!

    I had no family history & now worry about my boys.

    Did you inherit cholesterol problems?

    I can say it gets better, also look for local support. I attended anxiety group which helped.

    I'm lucky to have private health care & saw my cardiologist privately after NHS discharge. That really helped confidence.

    take care, try not to worry as adds to anxiety. There is life after.


  • It's a shock to the system whatever age you are. You have just faced your own mortality and it's frightening and disturbing. If you are offered rehabilitation, do go. The support they provide both physically and emotionally is superb. Remember medicine has progressed big style during the last 3 decades and the medication you are now on is protecting your heart in a way it's never been protected before. Go online and get your prescription prepayment certificate (if you're in the UK) at least that softens the cost, if not the frustration and uncertainty. I'm 7 weeks post attack (2 stents) 19 years older than you...but had the family history as well. I was an emotional wreck when I first got home, and whilst I still get 'moments', it's getting better and I'm looking forward to going back to work next week (never thought I'd say that) but it progression in a positive way. It might sound sappy...but make a journal...even if it's a few lines noting your progression, you'll be surprised. You sound determined to get back to rude health...this is merely a hurdle. Keep strong.

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