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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Holiday heart attack

Hi I was in Spain on holiday and had a heart attack resulting in a stent being put in. The medical team were amazing I have to say. The main problem was the language barrier and I'm not really sure what happened. The other problem is I'm yet to see anyone in the uk (apart from GP) who can tell me what happened or what I do next. I had my heart attack 30 days ago and I'm feeling really' lost'. I'm back in work now but still really scared in case it happens again. I'm 58 yrs old.

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I had a heartattack 4 years ago when i was 53 but in this country with a stent fitted during the attack. The follow up was one appiontment with the surgeon then discharge as the caught it 'early'. However, i did have specialist heart physio and was given quite a bit of literature for heart attack survivors. Like you must be feeling i was worried of another attack but i am fine now in relation to that. Go and talk to your GP and get a referral to a specialist. The worst that can happen is a few tests and hopefully refferal for physio. Good luck

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Go back to your GP bang on the table and insist you see a cardiologist and get put on a Rehab course immediately. This should have been done as standard as if you had the heart attack here.

We all feel that it will happen again at any time soon but in the end we learn to live with it. of course if you don't make any lifestyle changes then it probably will but this is all explained in rehab.

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I had stents fitted following a heart attack 7 weeks ago ,this came after an event in 2015 January. I have a stress examination next week at Paphos general hospital . I have lived with heart problems since my late thirties and am now 66 and counting.

It is normal to be concerned however do not let yourself become a cardiac cripple .

Good luck.


I was taken ill on holiday in Greece. Staff and treatment great . Arrived back and the hospital couldnt find anything wrong. Told in Greece Massive Heart Movement. Diagnosis now Dilated Cardiomyopathy. NHS appointment took 5 months to come through. Ended up going private because of the time for an appointment to come through


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