Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Well, first time posting here. Just over 10 days ago my lovely dad who was active and vibrant took a massive stroke. I rushed to his side and went into overdrive for the next week. I grieved immensely for the father I had lost, he is still in hospital but is not the same person. I started to feel unwell again and the lump in my throat wouldnt go away. I had the most awful pain in my left arm and kept putting it off as I was so busy with hospital visits etc. It got really bad so I went to the docs who did a blood test and ecg. I sat and sobbed during all of this as I was so distressed. I went back to gp and she peered at my ecg and compared it to the last one.  The ecg suggested a heart attack and the next thing I know she was sending me up in an ambulance.  Thankfully bloods showed it wasnt a heart attack but they think stress may have brought on angina.  I have my wee spray to take and the pain in arm has eased.  I have been referred to the chest pain clinic so hopefully that should rule out anything.  I am 51 years old and my mother dropped dead of a heart attack at 50 and my father had 2 before his strokes.  I have had my thryoid removed and my endo previously ordered a heart scan but still waiting.  I am so scared of anything heart related.  Anyone had a similar experience?

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Hey Ariadne.  I'm sorry for what you're dad is going through.  And in turn what you are going through.  Life can get pretty cruel at times and unforgiving.   I certainly can't deal with this crap.   I always thought as people got older this stuff just came with the territory and it was no big deal, but now that i'm 45 and my brother dropped dead at 44, I can get all caught up as well.   The chest pain and symptoms I was getting was anxiety related.   I have been rushed to the Emergency Room several times in my life for fear this was it.   I get anxious very easily.   Seems like you should do your best to lower any risk factors since heart disease runs in your family, unless there were external contributing factors not related to your genetics.   It is scary.   Just want you to know I'm here if you need a friend to listen or talk to .  All the best and take it easy.   Charles. 

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