Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Nerve conduction tests

Hi all. I have been diagnosed with PA for over 5 years. I had 3 monthly jabs for 3 years and 2 monthlies since. I have been self- injecting every other day for 2 months but my jabs are making no difference to my Neuro symptoms, especially spasms in all the muscles in my legs. I recently looked at my folate history and my levels have varied hugely, being as low as 2.9 and as high as above top of the range but coming down again pretty quickly. My neurologist has ordered an electroneuromyagraph which I am having on May 11th. Just wondered if anyone else in this community has had one. The info on Google is very technical and non-patient friendly and I would just appreciate some anecdotal support as I try to work out what's happening.

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what is PA? I have spasms in my legs which is very painful and also restless legs but have had no treatment for this. I was wondering what causes this? Janet2016.


hi, it is important that you explain what you mean by PA! if you mean prinzemetal angina, you need to sack some doctors and quickly, again if it is you should be under a cardiologist. 


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