Had triple bypass in July 2015, after suffering third heart heart attack that I was completely unaware of. Only symptom was shortness of breath which I put down to excess smoking. Daughter made me go to hospital where I was admitted, and told I was having a heart attack, tests revealed this was my third attack. After surgery was let home after seven days, returned to work after seven weeks and am now a none smoking fit fella who feels 21 again, biggest problem I had was problem of leg swelling where vein was harvested. Anyone who is in the early stages of recovery ,trust me it gets easier every day

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  • Isn't it amazing that we have smoked even when we knew it was so bad for us. Thinking all the time that it would never happen to us

  • Still finding not smoking hard. Stupid but their e it is

  • Personally I have never missed it. I think when I came round from being shocked back to life must have been a turning point.

  • Raise the bottom of your bed mattress (a duvet underneath works well) and the leg swelling will usually go

  • had quadruple by pass Dec 5 2014,during surgery found that lungs are small and i have pulmonary fibrosis.doctors would prefer i dont work but that is not possible.

  • Thanks your post was helpful to me as I am waiting to have a triple bypass and it's good to hear it from someone who has been there done that. Nervous times ahead thanks again.

  • You take care it's a slow road to recovery but with time you will get there.

  • I had a triple bypass in April 2015..I was so scared but can honestly say that the waiting was worse than the operation. When I woke up after the surgery I was in no pain at all. I came home after 5 days and did feel very tired in the early days/weeks, but you will get there

  • You will but listen to your body I was the same after mine but to be honest the muscle discomfort on my chest was annoying and still is a little some days and the bottom of my left leg is just now clearing up.So stay upbeat things will improve with time take care.

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