Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi, I'm trying to find alternatives to the medication the doctor has given me, my friend recommended glucosamine sulphate ?

Does anyone use this or know if it works, (Glucosamine sulphate ?) Im on Ropinarole for restless legs...i also suffer very extreme sleep disorders such as sleep hallucinations, sleep walking and this has stopped a bit with the medication and i wondered about this being connected to each other ? thanks

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Well, glucopsamine, to be brutally honest is NOT going to hjelp your RLS, especially what you have described to us. Nowhere is there reputable info about glucosamine and RLS. Glucosamine is supposed to be used for joint problems, and RLS is n ot joint problems. Also, the FDA and the FTC in the US have given makes of glucosamine many waring letters, syaing that it is not even good for joint mobility any more. It certainly is not going to help a neurological disease which RLS is. In the US, they have warenigns for deceptive advertising, and this is one ofvthe products. Again, in 15 ywars fo running rLS support groups and rsearcxhing my brains out, glucosamine has never come up as a treatment for RLS, or at least a reliable chance of it working. RLS and sleep walking for example are not connected. There are 88 different sleep disorders and parasominias is one (sleep walking) We alos have PLMD, a lot of us, buit you can have that and RLS seprately and lots of peole do not have both. You can have one or the other or all of the above, but they are different disorders. ropinerole does list possible halluciantions as a side effect, I do know that, and do know people who have experienced this. Same as with Mirapex. This seems to be a dopamine med class issue. For example I ahve RLS, PLMD, sleep aopnea and plain old insomnia. yes, they can intertwine and cause problems for each other, but all separate disorders.


sorry for typos. I am on a different size keyboard and it is really messing me up. LOL :)


Try checking out my friend's web site for 'non medicinal' "tricks" that can help you. Email is shut off for that site right now, because the owner is deceased. :( But, the copyright is being signed over to me, and then I will attack that web site with lots more info. Jill Gunzel was a gem, and my RLS hero and angel. She died after her 3rd round of cancer. She was a fighter, so you can see how she got so tough and came up with "tricks" for us to try. She also has a book out, with all the info that is on the web site for free. Book available in libraries and RLS Rebel's Survival Guide to Restless legs Syndrome, Jill Gunzel. She had a wonderful sense of humor and kept me sane for a lot of years. :) YOu cannot lose by trying some of her stuff. She also was a clogger, and that started because of her RLS, and she taught classes, making the best of a sucky situation.


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