Ferritin levels

As promised I can now tell you that after 3 months taking 2 x 200mg Ferrous Sulphate tablets my iron level has risen from 30 to normal levels (70 ish) and the doctor has said to just take one per day and see if it stays at this level. I do not get any leg cramps at night now so with this and the the use of my 'Circulation Booster' things are somewhat improved thank goodness. If this information helps even just one of you I will be very glad indeed.

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  • I remember reading about this. Well done and congratulations. I am pleased things are better for you.

  • Thanks peterk and good luck to you as you

  • Well good to hear, as it usually takes months to get ferritin level up, so you did it quickly. Do you think your RLS has lessen somewhat now, or have you been able to reduce your meds at all. Just curious...

  • I am wondering, also, if you think your RLS has improved. What is you "circulation Booster"?

  • Good news! Glad to hear it. As a result of your earlier post I had a Ferritin level test -the result came back at 79 which the practice nurse said was good for RLS. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to educate her -she knew what was needed! So perhaps the word is getting around. Slowly but surely eh?

    I'm also curious about this 'circulation booster'?

  • So 70-79 is OK with RLS? Mine is closer to 30 I believe.

  • Your body obviously stores iron well!!! Very rare to see it come up that many points in just 90 days. You are very lucky. So, as Elisse asked have you been able to decrease your meds, or have you stayed on the same dose throughout? Just wondering HOW good this is working for you. when you say "leg cramps" you DO mean RLS, right? Leg CRAMPS and RLS are in particular two different things. Cramps are muscular, RLS is nerolgical. We need to get people who have RLS to stop using the word cramp. It causes a lot of confusion with people who do NOT know about RLS. Not jumping on you personally :). Just sayi9ng that we really need to describe RLS correctly, especially when talking to doctors, etc. People say leg cramps when they mean RLS. IT is one of my missions in life to see all descriptions of RLS delete the word cramp from "the descriptive words list". RLS is not cramps. so, are you just using iron now and the circulation booster. I assume that has some kind of electrical current?? I will google it. :) SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to do that! :)

  • First of all meds - I still take 2 x co-dydramol 10/500 tabs before going to bed and have a hot water bottle to rest my lower leg muscles on, as to the circulation booster it is made by High Tech Health Ltd. model number CB-V3. Nightdancer raises a good point about about RLS which I always thought I had a very mild version of but now I think that I may be mistaken although when I have tried not taking co-dydramol the bed covers have come off by the morning and I feel very worn out.

  • Can i ask you another question.. When you say the bed covers have come off by the morning and you feel very worn out, when you have stopped the co-dydramol, are you awake when all this is going on in bed or do you wake up to find the covers are off.

    I am asking this because, if you are asleep and you dont know you are kicking to the extent of the covers coming off and you feel worn out, then that is called PLMD, Periodic Limb Movement, which happens while asleep, not awake. So , again just asking..

  • Elisse yes I do wake enough to know what is going on as I find my calf muscles are uncomfortable and the best thing I have found is to draw my legs up close to my body then sleep comes eventualy.

  • So, do you think you have PMLD. and do your legs feel as if you have an urge to move them, before you draw them up to your body and then get back to sleep. If you dont have to get up out of bed to walk the walk to get relief from the RLS, you are very lucky, as most of us have to do that... Most have our legs jumpy and twitch which stops us from sleeping and makes us get out of bed... Its so horrible, dont you think..

    One day, one day, they will find either better meds, or the cure we all dream of..

  • Sounds like PLMD. Have you had a sleep study done? Elisse has a very valid point. PLMD is when you are asleep, and you wake up and find all your covers off. PLMD is when youare asleep. RLS is when you are awake-daytime/early evening and through the night if you are awake.

  • Covers coming off is PLMD

  • The covers coming off is PLMD, kicking in your sleep. so the `meds do help you control that, obviously. If you kick all night you will be exhausted in the a.m., because every kick or movement while sleeping arouses your brain, and then you do not get to the right levels of sleep. have you had a sleep study???

  • Congrats to you. I, too, take an elevated amount of iron and when I dont, I sure can tell the difference. Has really helped along with a Vit. B12 shot regime. Happy Holiday Season to all and hoping for a more pain free 2013

  • You do take an "elevated amount of iron" with your doctor's permission right? Iron overload can be VERY dangerous, as an FYI for anyone reading this.

  • When you say leg cramps, do you mean actual muscular charlie horse leg cramps? Lots of people use the word "cramps" when we are not talking about cramps at all when it comes to RLS. just wondering. :) Masny people think they have RLS when it is "just cramps". Not saying that is you, but we really need to use another word besides cramps. The general public has no idea, and lots of doctors have no idea that cramps are not part of RLS. And, if you have not had a sleep study, you should. PLMD will literally kick your arse while you are sleeping and you will not reach the right stages of sleep, hence feeling all worn out in the morning.

  • I was prescribed 3 iron tablets per day but I had stomach pains and a loss of appetite so cut out the miday one and all was then OK.

  • Hi. I was wondering about ferritin levels. You mention 30 which is normal. Are you saying 70 helped your RLS or cramps which is not RLS? Thanks

  • No peterk 30 is a low ferritin level but 70 is near normal however I have had 2 leg cramps since the 11th Dec and that was when I had not used my ciculation booster before going to bed. I am lucky in seeming to only have a very mild version of RLS so far thank goodness

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