Anyone tried this to help?

I wanted to share with you all a way I find easier to get to sleep with "wiggly legs". I have a heated under blanket for my bed which I put on before I get in so it's all comfy. I lay on my tummy, left arm down by my side, right hand by my face with my feet just over the edge of the bed. I pull my feet into the end of the mattress which really seems to be a non-wiggly way to ease the weirdness/pain. I leave the blanket on until I'm just about to fall asleep and always put a dvd on or read to try and not think about it.

This could just work for me but thought I'd share on the off chance it helps somebody else :)

Sweet dreams everyone x

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  • = ] It's 30 degrees in Wisconsin now. I could use a heated blanket.

  • I don't know whether to say, "you lucky person" or "you poor soul". We had minus five last week but it was oh so beautiful!

  • I am visiting people in California for the last week, but am flying back home to the east coast tomorrow. Flights were all messed up with that big superstorm. I will get home to Vermont in time to shovel snow apparently. A blizzard on election day is ging to be a royal pain, to say the least. Better than the hurricane. We had ours in Vermont last year, Hurrricane Irene, and we are still rebuilding. It is a nightmare. But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE colder weather. Less RLS and more sleep. :)

  • I use a heat pad when i have little twinges, it does help to calm the RLS down, it also helps when i have the aching painful calves which i get with my RLS...keeping my legs straight helps too... My heat pad has a timer and it switches its self off after a hour and half. I used to use music at night aswell (a trick of Jill Gunzel's) using my cd player an listening to ballads, its the consentration that gets the brain to focus on the music and not the RLS. Altho Jill used to listen to Meatloaf..!! But its whatever music that you find works best for you.

  • I cover up the heat duct to my room so all the heat goes to my Mother's room. Even when it is below zero. then I can make my cocoon with my heating pads. My room is now called the "cave". The window is blocked up so no light gets in, and we set our clocks back on this side of the pond tomorrow. My favorite day of the year. Then it gets darker earlier, and my circadian inner clock will again be at peace. You would think 1 little hr would not make so much difference, but it sure does with me!! I better go email my groups and remind them about the clocks. :) Someone always forgets. LOL

  • I too find that the warmer I get in bed the worse my symptoms are. Have to have my bedroom window open in all weathers. I also find that certain foods in the evenings make my legs go crazy. Definite no for me are diary products like cream, ice cream, yoghurt and chocolate. AS for anti histamines? NO NO NO.

    My medication is still clonazipam but I am frantic with worry when I eventually have to come off them. So far in my 71 yrs this is the only relief I can take.

  • Yes same here any heat even from my OH causes my legs to be so much worse.

  • Isn't it staggering how different we are. I use a small heat pad because after hours of walking around my bungalow I am generally freezing cold especially at this time of year. It does not effect how quickly I get to sleep. Regarding the other matter, I find that trying to get to sleep with my legs straight is not helpful.

    Thanks anyway Missteal

  • i have sleep with my legs out the bed no matter how cold it is and yet is my legs get going i can't bear anything cold on them and have hot bath seems the cold keeps rls at bay... yet if rls going nuts dont like the cold hmm weird.. can't stand any noise when im trying go sleep or light im lucky i live out in the sticks no street light or cars lol

    we'r all different and have our own little ways of dealing with rls only thing is what works one night doesn't always work the next

  • Everyone uses whatever works basically. :) I love heating pads and the cold weather. As soon as it gets hot, I suffer awfully. Hate hot weather, because I cannot use the heating pad. so, all suggestions are certainly welcomed for some people who need lots of ideas to try. We need all the help we can get. :)

  • Isn't it strange how RLS affect people differently? I often have to stick my legs out of the bed to cool them down as heat makes mine worse! The only thing that has helped me is Ropinerol, taken at 5pm and at 10pm. When I am exhausted, the condition is at its worst and because I have a chronic sleep disorder which has lead to ME I feel I'm on a no win scenario! Have just had a course of hypnotherapy and although it was very relaxing and I slept like a log the first night, it hasn't been much help, have tried acupuncture, Reikie, all manner of alternative and complimentary medicines to no avail, never mind, it's good to read others comments and try new suggestions

  • In my groups I have about 4,000 members all over the world (since 1997), and I can tell you very honestly that hypnotherapy cannot beat RLS, nor acupuncture, or anything alternative, mostly. I ahve yet to hear from ONE person that acupuncture helped. I tried it when I was absolutely desperate, and nothing. So, we all have to keep trying. Without my meds I would not sleep at all or be able to sit still. Alternative medicine is a big rip off in some places and specialties, in my humble opinion. And, a huge waste of money, at least it was for me, but I had to TRY it , so I could say for sure. That was years ago, and now I take 16 different meds for many things, but 5 of them are for RLS and sleep, and without them, I am quite sure I would be sitting here typing today. Support with understanding people is my biggest help, because sleep disorders are sure affecting us mentallly as well.

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