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Accidental Tramadol Underdose!

I was prescribed Tramadol for sciatica last March, and eventually ended up on 400mg a day (plus 4000mg a day of paracetamol). Since my last post about having to start taking Tramadol again following lumbar decompression surgery, due to the withdrawal effects on my RLS, I'd only been able to reduce to 300mg (100mg in the morning, 100mg in late afternoon and 100mg late evening/bedtime) without my RLS kicking off big time. I tried reducing the late afternoon dose to 50mg, but this didn't work for me. Then, a few days ago, I forgot to take my morning dose and in fact didn't remember to take any until mid-afternoon when I took 100mg. I took a further 100mg at bedtime, expecting a really rough night, but to my surprise, no RLS! So I did the same the next day, still no RLS, and I've continued with this for the last 4 days now. So it's meant I've been able to halve the amount of Tramadol I've been taking overall. My GP had previously got understandably reticent about keeping on prescribing Tramadol, saying I was taking a lot - the prescription would only last about 12 days at 400mg a day. I've never been on any meds for my RLS, but do now face the prospect of having to keep taking it, and as it was prescribed for pain and not RLS I'd be very surprised if my GP doesn't start wondering why I'm still asking for it. I'm just pleased that, by accident, I've managed to cope with a 100mg reduction post-surgery (200mg reduction of course from pre-surgery) and it all seems to be about timing. I'd like at some stage to get down to 100mg a day, but can't see myself being able to do that without my GP's help. I'm just happy for now that I've halved the amount I was taking for sciatica and my RLS is still under control.

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I was started on Tramadol for pain and it was the first thing that ever quietened my legs. Talk with your Dr explain why you want to keep taking it read up ion it so the Dr will know you know what you are talking about.

Good luck.


Thanks raffs, it's looking like that's what I'm going to have to do.


Hi I would like to tell you Tramodol is the only thing that has worked for my rls,I have had it for37 and tryed many different tabs ,I take 2 tabs 50 mg slow release if you tell your doc you have found something to help your rls he should be pleased, good luck but stick up for yourself x

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Thanks, I will. To be honest though if I'd known tramadol made RLS worse I'd never have taken it for sciatica, but it is nice to be free of RLS and I intend to stay that way.


Could you please tell me if the Tramodol make you sleepy the next day I have been on them all that time and I still struggle ,also do you get any side effects x


Hi Beady, when I was first taking Tramadol, bearing in mind I was taking 300-400mg a day, it did make me feel sleepy during the day but over time my body got used to it. As I said above, I'm now on 200mg. How long have you been taking it now? As for side-effects, the one I got was no RLS! I know there are a lot of possible side-effects, such as constipation etc, but I've never suffered from them.


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