Restless Legs Syndrome
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Dr Hilary's

Daragh mentioned an article in this weeks sun on sunday magazine, for those of you that didn't get the paper, a woman asked him a question about her "twitchy legs", this is the Doctor response

"You describe typical restless leg syndrome or RLS, which is often worse in the evening and at bedtime.It affects about 1 in 10 people at some stage of their live's and because it's so uncomfortable, it can reduce the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling tired.

Start by trying to ensure a regular sleep routine, avoid caffeine, exercise during the day and relax at night. If that does'nt help, your GP can prescribe medication to help the body produce more dopamine, a chemical that regulates movement and mood, reducing the severity of symptoms.See your GP, and for more information go to

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well this is definately a better response than Miriam Stoppards !!, but while im happy to see this, im still feeling a bit let down, it IS more sympathetic to us, but i do feel that they dont really get it.

For me if im not on meds, my RLS can be 24/7, and i have awfull pain with it, this isnt mentioned, we dont all get pain i know, but there are a lot of aspects to RLS, and also, they dont say, that it can be hereditary (primary) or other, hopefully we can all help by making sure that we tell our doctors EVERY detail of what we go through, just to bug them :) into doing a bit more research when they are treating us, and listen to us please doctors, its our bodies, we know how we feel, and we know how it affects us.

But thank you Doctor Hilary for a better article.


I think yes at least it is a good reply from Dr. Hilary. I know sometimes the replies in newspapers or magazines are only brief.. It would need for a newspaper, magazine or even the tv, to do a bigger piece on RLS, and that can only be done by approaching them and asking for such a indepth piece. Again the RLS.UK.ORG for more info has been put at the end of the article, so thats good news for anyone who does read the article and have somewhere to contact and find out more info and the answers they need.

So, it is good news for a change from the media. :)


i would love for RLS.UK.ORG to contact the paper and see if this could be done, writing an article, from someone that suffers from RLS,


Well Done Dr Hilary... small steps in the right direction!!!!!!!


Hi folks,

Just so you are aware, I have recently contacted the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, BBC Breakfast, ITV Daybreak. Metro, The London Eveing Standard, Holland and Barrett Magazine and many other smaller, regional newspapers regarding our willingness to provide case studies etc for any articles they would like to run. I had also written to these earlier this year but the lack of response prompted me to remind them again that we are here. I will continue doing the same for the foreseeable future!


so... not doing much then Daragh :) :) :) :)


I have written to the medical doctor columns in 3 local papers (with reminders) about their poor and inaccurate responses, one acknowledged receipt without further comment, and the other 2 were ignored.


why does this not surprise me ??


It does seem very hard to get media attention....but we DID have the article in the Daily Mail, with input from RLS.UK.ORG so THAT was good news for us to get that article printed.

Sometimes, persistence (sp) is needed and sometimes it pays off sometimes not...


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