Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi everyone

Hi all I have been trying for weeks to get on this at last I'm on I have been reading lots of blogs and its like some one as been reading my mind I am so glad I'm not on my own I find it very hard most of the time because if you haven't got rls they don't under stand what we go throw my family are very good but my long suffering husband and myself are getting single beds as I sleep down stairs most nights. Again it is so nice to talk and read and even more so I don't feel alone as every on on this site under stands what we go throw night after night bye for now zoomer

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I'm starting to understand why more and more couples are

not sleeping in the same room anymore. I'm not that desperate

but my husband probably is sick of me waking him up with my

tossing and turning.

I'm up for hours and it's not because of RLS. I am just in the midnight

routine of doing housework, cooking at this time. My RLS really caused

a lot of problems for my sleeping pattern.

I have church service in a few hours, I have to put on my happy face

then because I have a family that includes kids..

Karen ~usa


Yikes, if your RLS is not bothering you and you cant sleep, yes your body clock is messed up. Nightdancer is the best one to help with what might help you on those nights...


Misery loves company! Although I would not wish this misery on anybody, it is indeed a relief to know that you're not alone.


At least having single beds. you are still in the same room, so dont feel isolated from your other half.... :)


Hey zoomer, I can empathise so much with sleeping apart. You are in the right place to talk about RLS, and how it affects your life. Don't feel alone, if you are feeling down, get here, and someone will always help you.


saw my GP last week asked for a blood test for my ferritin levels as recomended by jumpylegs have to get it done next week as i have been away for four days.

while i was on holiday with friends, each evening we had a few vodkas and guess what? my legs were not so "jumpy"the jury is still out on this one. But buying a bottle of vodka this week to experiment. Will keep you informed. cumoneileen


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