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Things Will Get Better

This is a poem that I did not write, but carry it in my wallet on a little card all the time. :)

When things aren't going well for you

And times are not what they should be,

Just focus on the positive

And think about what COULD be.

Acknowledge what happened-

Don't lose sight of lessons past-

But don't let the negative

Distracting thoughts to last.

Take what you've learned and start from there;

Draw strength from your frustration;

And let this added sense of purpose

Be your new foundation.

It's hard to follow any plan

Precisely to the letter,

Though life right now is difficult,

Things will in time get better.

by Bruce B Wilmer copyright 1983/1989

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thank you

bob m


We can but live in hopes.


Thanks for posting. :)


I read a phrase in a book many years ago that's always stayed with me. It was just "You make your life with the ingredients to hand".So true.It's all we can do.


Thank's nightdancer that's very nice.


My favourite saying is

'Ok so life's not the party we all thought it was going to be, but while we're here we might as well dance'

and I'm sure we all do plenty of that!


Dancing right now! The dance music is on and me and the parakeets are groovin'. I swear they have RLS, too. But, they really like music. Huey Lewis and the News- "I Need a New Drug" appropriate, hey? :o)


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