Restless Legs Syndrome
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Ankle Weights?

Someone suggested to me to strap some ankle weights on me

and see if that helps my legs to feel rested later in the day.

I'm going to give it a go to see if they are right. lol.

A very nice lady that I used to work with gave me a super

big pounding massager type of device to make my legs

relax. I didn't know if I should accept it ( Low

and behold I did let it pound my legs on med speed...

Bet my kids and the neighbors were laughing because the buzz

was incredibly loud. I started laughing myself and that in itself made

me feel better. hahah.

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I tried the ankle weights yrs ago .... made me like 5 times worst the night i did the weights like your calf muscle got greedy for more who know may work for you but defo not me lol

good luck



I would be interested to know how you get on with them. Think it would possibly drive me insane!!


They are heavy enough. 2 pounds extra on each ankle.

So far I've managed to sit so I am not getting any benefit from

the use of them. I have to think of somewhere that I want to go

wearing them. They are black so they look somewhat like I am

on some kind of house arrest here in America. (laughing)

it's a hot, muggy day here in the states so pants just isn't an

option...must wear shorts. I promise I won't go swimming in these.

I would surely sink straight down...

Hey, that's an idea though....

It's been such a long time since I've gone in water that is deep.

I may tire my legs out trying to stay afloat...

I'm going to do this thing...without ankle weights and see how I fare.

On the bright side, I had a miserable night so I did get up and clean

the house to no end. I do have a family that managed to sleep through

the vacuum running and clothes dryer as well.


If you over excercise, your RLS can get worse, so we each have to find the right kind and limitations that we each have. I use one fo those excercise balls, sit on it and bounce up and down while watching TV, Drives my mother nuts, but she knows I am miserable when I do that.


I lasted in the water one hour of fun. =)

I hope not to pay the piper. lol

The ball bouncing sounds like fun although I am

pretty sure it will be annoying to others in the room

Are you doing this in front of the window? Imagine the

neighbors looking in seeing you bouncing on a ball like

a kid. I used to love that as a kid except it had a handle

and we bounced all around the yard.

I need distractions galore since it keeps me awake.

Hoping for a great nights sleep for you Donna, Truly.


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