Anyone get completely dead arms in the night? - Might be nothing to do with my RLS which I get quite bad in my arms??

I noticed this over the last 6 months - sometimes my arms are completely dead, sometimes burning in upper arms but not really painful - I'm sure this is not just from laying on it in my sleep and cutting blood off. I describe my RLS as sensations right in the inside joints of my elbows and knees - maybe I now have other symptoms I didnt think were RLS but actually are as well??

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  • Dont know, seems a bit weird to me. Perhaps you should see your doctor to ask if anything else is going on...!

  • Yes I do and I get a lot of cramp :-(

  • So, you have RLS plus leg cramps, because they are two different things. magnesium os good for leg cramps.

  • "Dead" arms is the escat opposite of RLS. You know what it feels like in your arms when the RLS gets to it. The" Restless" in RLS means exactly that. RLS is the "urge" to move. without that, one does probably not have RLS. There can be other symptoms, but you have to have that unending urge to move to call it RLS. So, dead arms is hat I said, the opposite of RLS. Talk to your doctor about that, becasue it is most likely another issue. Are you on meds? The dead arms could be a medication side effect. But, you must talk with your doctor about it. I am speaking from lots of experience, personal, and with my support groups for 15 yrs, so that is where my information comes from, plus the diagnostic criteria for RLS. If it is not mainly that urge to move, then it is probably something else. We would LOVE to blame RLS for everything, but we can't. :o)

  • thanks nightdancer - i agree with your thoughts above but thought it worth asking

    I take 3mg roprinerole every night which seems to work for me most of the time

  • Yes RLS and cramp , I never use to get cramp but now I have it all the time:-( I am taking the neupro patch 2mg and tablets for the cramp! My mum and grandma had RLS , I do and my two sisters don't have it lucky them!!

  • Nightdancer's advice is spot on. I occasionaly get RLS in my arms, but the key is the urge to move or stretch them. If they're actrually feeling dead I'd talk to your GP...

  • I used to get numbness in the arms, I also had problems with hands. I was diagnosed with Carpul Tunnel and since having the operation on both hands, all the numbness has gone away. It could just be pure coincidence or maybe I do things differently since the surgery.

  • Hi ,I'm new to to this site. I've had restless legs and arms for years now .I'm always very tired and have trouble with falling asleep ! I think it's worse when I'm over tired and my brain wants to sleep but my body won't let me, it's feels like they're fighting with each other ,sound silly but that's how I feel . And I also have ( dead arms in the morning too ). One of my sisters had it too.

  • Oh yea, I relate mine to a volume nob that's being increased until I get an electrical shock. Over, and over, and over. I use to lay in bed and count so I could time the peaks. Just thinking about makes me want to jump off of a bridge.

  • I often have dead arms in the morning too. I think that when I do sleep, I'm so exhausted from the RLS that I sleep so deeply that I hardly move and get very 'set' in one position. Once I've woken up and moved around, it goes away very quickly. I do get RLS in my elbows but the sensation is completely different to this.

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