Restless Legs Syndrome
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Went to see my gp this morning for some help with coping with the pain and got told that only thing I could do was to pop some paracetamol or ibuprofen. Went to see the neurologist with my mum (turns out she has MS) and when I mentioned about the fact that I had RLS, I had to justify myself! He even laughed and said that it was nothing. Really running out of ideas now! Desperately low:-(

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hi, i had something similar when i first spoke to my doctor, so i printed of a lot of information from these websites, made an appointment with a different doctor at my surgery, and took it with me, this time it was better, you have to insist without getting stroppy, dont let them fob you of, make a dairy of a few days and nights, how it affects you take that with you, wish you luck, and dont give in.



I would say that it is time to find a neurologist or a sleep doctor. I will not say what I would do or say to a doctor who laughed and told me it was nothing! Time for a new doctor so you can get some help sooner rather than later.


you need to get a diagnosis from the neurologist and GP so they can start treating the condition. I am on Neupro patches and Ropiniorole . Is it really a pain or like thousands of ants running up and down your legs from the inside ?


hi Leahk, you didnt say if your in the uk or not, as we cant just get appointments with neurologists that easy here, and if you gp doesnt believe that your in pain, its time to look for another doctor i think


Hope you do not get the same neurologist as me. Paid private as could not be referred for something that is trivial (RLS) on the NHS. Spent 15 minutes asking me the usual name DOB etc, then 5 minutes about RLS (he did not realy know what it is) then said I needed a Dopler test which he did. Diagnosis was I was ok could see no reason for RLS and all was good as I had hairy toes which meant the blood supply was getting down to my feet. Please pay the £315 on your way out.

Tried to make an appointment with GP told you are lucky just one left for a week Thursday asked my name and hey ho appointment had gone. Could not make appointment for more than two weeks ahead so phone back on Thursday at 8.30 and 'you should be lucky'


Yeah, its the same old story with RLS Try+Try+Try again with seeing different doctors,

Until you get one that take the condition seriously. In my GP Practice we have about 8-10,

Doctors + over the course of 18mths APX + 4 doctors until my present doctor took,

Me + RLS seriously engough to persribed meds + fiainlly I have just started to see,

My Local SLEEP CLINIC in the local NHS Hospital. I should start a home sleep study,

In a couple of week i hope. So DONT GIVE UP keep going to different Doctors +,

You will get there in the end.


I think Doctor's dismissal of RLS is terrible. Let them live with it for a week and see how they find it easily solved by popping a paracetamol!!


A. See a new GP.

B. Complain about the neurologist.

I'm afraid that is the way of things, some know about RLS, those that don't are ignorant of the facts. A good idea is to print something about RLS from a reputable source, and stick it under the doctors' nose when you go, that's what I did,and it worked!


Hi Leah

I am wondering if you went to the neuro to support your mum and you mentioned about your RLS. Is that right or was it the other way around? I am so sorry to hear about your dear mum.

If your gp was so not in the know about RLS I am surprised you got referred to a neuro for yourself unless you went private or perhaps you do not live in the UK.

Both were well out of order when told about your symptoms. Print off info and take it with you next time or see another GP. Take the info anyway as back up if you see another GP.

You do not need this kind of reaction and lack of support when you are suffering with RLS. I can sense your frustration and anger.



It sounds as if she was going to her mother's neuro with her as an advocate, and she mentioned her RLS, which SHOULD come up in an MS discussion. leahK, does your mother have RLS, or only MS? FYI, people with MS are 11 times more likely to develop RLS in their lifetime.


but ,people with RLS develop MS no more often than the regular population, to make that clear.


She isn't actually my biological mum. My biological mum had RLS wen she was pregnant with me. I have since been put on iron tablets (even though a blood test showed my iron levels were fine) x


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