Injections in my spine and hip!!

Hi all, I was just wondering how many of you suffer with back and hip problems??

I do terribly having arthritis in my hips and spine and three damaged vertebrae s , two days ago I finally got taken in to hospital and the pain specialists injected in to the damaged area, well I am sure as my back got worse my RLS got worse so I thought these injections would help with my RLS. Gosh was I wrong it hurt and I am in more back pain than before I went in and my legs well they kicked off straight away and did not stop even when I was able to get up and walk they were going crazy as I was walking they were trying to jump and I was buckeling over :-(

Has anyone else Eva had this done?

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  • hi Rish, i have arthritis also, in my feet, hands spine and hip, i havent had injections yet, but my gp, has suggested it, and i have been thinking about it, but now i dont think i will take them up on the offer!!!

    Do you know what the injection was??, could you find out if not,

    Hope it all calms down for you


  • Hi jean the pain specialist injected me with cortisone and anastetic but I feel worse :-( just been to see my gp and he gave me pain killers and also started me on the neuro patch so hopefully it will work for me! I was told by the pain specialist that these injections only work for different people not for everyone so I guess I am one it does not work for :-( typical! I hope it will work for you tho anything is worth a shot these days :-)

  • hi Rish, well a few years back i had cortisone injections in my shoulders, that was for a frozen shoulder, and they made the pain worse for a few days, then it worked really well for the pain, i think it was called "Depomedrone". i wonder if its that, antways, i hope it settles down for you,but i wont be having any myself, darent take the chance.


  • Hi Jean. I would be very reluctant to have cortisone injections if I were you. My daughter had one because of back problems and it made it much worse. Like Rish said, it works for some and not for others. From what I have seen it's not worth taking a chance.---When I had hip-replacement surgery a few months ago, they gave me spinal anathetic instead of the full a..This made my RLS get much worse so I had to up the ropinirole to 6mg, which after awhile I couldn't tolerate. Seems to me that injections into the spine may be a problem for RLS sufferers.

  • Hi Rish

    I am so sorry to hear that. It is early days yet, perhaps the RLS will calm down somewhat soon. You may find that after a few days your back pains will lessen too. I have been told they can take time to fully kick in. Injections via xray direction worked wonders for me and got rid of my sciatica I had suffered with for a year. This was on 3 December 2009 and touch wood, no signs of the sciatia rearing its ugly head. I hasten to add I do not suffer with RLS all the time, not by any means, I appear to be one of the extremely lucky ones and am eternally grateful. I have had other cortizone injections and all have helped for varying amounts of time and I do not recall the RLS kicking in with a vengeance after having had them done.

    As said, we are all diffferent. The injections have definitely made my life more bearable with the Osteo Arthritis.

    Kaarina :)

  • hi, I would like to tell you what my pain specialist told me when I had my last cortisone injections in 5 different areas in my back and spine. He said I would feel as if I had been kicked by a mule! And it would take several days to feel better. He was bang on! Unfortunately they did not work, and I did not have RLS then. Hopefully when the bruising wears off,(as that is probably what is causing the pain), you will feel better, I do hope they work for you, I have had some that did, good luck, Caz

  • yes i have been through the same as you , the injections made things far worse including the pain i already had :( will not be having injection in my hips again x

  • Hi, you have made a really good point here re; arthritis in the back and hip.. this has really got me thinking about the start of my RLS, i had injections in my back for almost 18 months, finishing with xray direction injections...they never worked and made my arthritis much worse...i'm thinking now, could these injections have caused my RLS???

  • Hi, I have suffered with RLS for 20 years, but recently, after starting medication actually, I started to get back pain. It started small and has built up to feeling like I can't walk some days and other days when I walk like I've sat on a warm Shepard's pie. Is this the same thing??

  • Hi all it's been a few weeks now since I had the injections and my back and hip is still painfully so it did not work :-( as my back hurts more my RLS gets worse but doctors don't think they are connected but I know they are !!!

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