Restless Legs Syndrome

When changing meds do you titrate again?

Hi I have had PLMD for years which became RLS about 3 or 4 years ago when I got pregnant. Last year I started on ropinirole which was great but I suffered binge eating, compulsive spending, blocked nose and terrible augmentation. So this past month I reduced from 1.25mg to 0.5mg ropinirole and tonight I am trying pramipexole 0.88mg for the first time. I was wondering for those who have changed meds; did you start on the lowest of the new med or begin with an equivalent dosage??

It's been horrid reducing the ropinirole and I've been using clonazepam and codeine (swapping every other day) but still waking through the night. I hope this low dose of pramipexole will work

Thanks for your advice

Sara xxx

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Sorry I think it's 0.088mg???


I was put on a reduced amount of the new med's and grew it to the correct level. I think that is best, although it can be a hard period till you get the correct dosage.


If you have a sympathetic Doctor, he/she will understand, and let you try different dosages until you feel it's right.

The Ropinirol does have some of the unfortunate side effects you mentioned, but I have had the same with Pramipexole (Mirapexin).

0.088mg is correct, I take that with 0.025 as well as Ropinirol.


It is usual to titrate up when starting a new med...but when i changed from the patch to mirapexin, i had to up the dose myself to get the relief at night.

Also when swapping Ropinerole to Pramipexole or even to the patch, as they are all the same type of med...all have dopamine., you can go straight from using one to the other without trying to come off one first.

I sympathise with you trying to get off the Ropinerole, its a nightmare when trying to get off that one and the Pramipexole and the patch, your body has go used to the dopamine and when coming off those type of meds. it sends your dopamine receptors nuts, withdrawals...

Also i agree with Darcy, pramipexole can give the same side effects as the Ropinerole.

I dont use Pramipexole anymore, i was only on two .125mg. and it made me way too sleepy during the day. I have now gone back on the patch and with dose adjustment i am doing alot better...


Yes 0.088mg is the one. Also this is the lowest dose tablet made.


Changed to 0.088mg parimpexole a couple of years a go, then two tablets/night to stop restless legs, now it is not working. at all.. I get the need to move and jolts in legs and now arms. Nothing I have seems to work now. Also get vivid dreams and desires, but thankfully not compulsive feelings. I know the dreams are not real, though I 'wake' up in them an watch things go by. I can see the images like a move, and very detailed. weird. Seeing a neurologist for the first time on Friday 20th.


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