Restless Legs Syndrome
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Welcome to the Restless Leg Syndrome Community!

We want you to both feel supported and support your peers in this community. The main ways to do this are via Blogs and Questions.

A blog (web + log) is a way of sharing anything you feel like writing about. From more personal things like how Restless Leg Syndrome affects you and your family to more objective things like the side effects of certain medications, this is a space to share and comment on what has been shared.

Questions are a little more straightforward. If you have a question about anything relating to Restless Leg Syndrome just ask away. This gives other community members the chance to use their experience to weigh in and provide you with answers and further insight.

That’s it. We want to support you and we want you to support each other and will do everything we can to facilitate both.

Now go blog something...

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Are the drug makers hearing us?

I'm new to this community and I am from the states.

I stumbled upon this site and started talking to people


I want to know that I'm being heard by the drug manufacturers

to help them develop a treatment for people who have RLS.


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