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Pramipexole: the side effects

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Hello everyone. I am interested in the side effects that people get when taking Pramipexole. I certainly don’t feel right, suffering brain fog, nausea and poor balance. But the worst is a tremendous feeling of fatigue, particularly in the thighs. This is exactly where I get the worst feeling when suffering RLS. Some days I can walk 10.000 steps; the next week it’s a struggle to get up the steps.

Is this degree of leg fatigue a common side effect and should it disappear as I come off Pramipexole? I am now moving to 1x 0.088 tablet per day.

I would welcome any comments on such levels of fatigue. Many thanks.

12 Replies
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Check out, They list every possible side effect.

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Lineker in reply to SueJohnson

Thanks Sue

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"The most commonly reported adverse drug reactions are nausea, headache, dizziness, and fatigue.

Less common but important adverse drug reactions include hallucinations, mania, delusions, sudden somnolence or drowsiness, visual disturbances, augmentation, and impulse control disorders."

[ABPI, 2020b; BNF, 2020]

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(ABPI=Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry; BNF=British National Formulary)

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Thanks Chris.

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Thanks for the info.

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Thanks Sue

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I wish I had never heard of Dopamine Agonist drugs. The worse side effects of all are personality changes that you won't notice. Forget about the list of side effects, google "pramipexole lawsuits".

The citizens had to sue the FDA to put warning labels on Dopamine Agonist medicine. In Aug of 2019 the citizens won. Please notify your significant others, because you won't notice the behavior changes.

Did your lovely doctors give you a morning fasted full iron panel before prescribing this life altering drug?

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I used to take 0 .088 x 2 a day for around 3 years and I didn’t get any issues like you have, and it sorted my RLS. My thinking process (according to my better half) is not what it was, but personally I feel the same. I decided to drop Prami and have been slowly reducing and now just take 1 0.088 tablet, dropping that to 3/4 every other day. I started Pregab at 25mg x 2 and so far the switch seems to be going well, although I have got a lot of feedback from this forum to help in the process.

My wife made the comment ‘I seem less manic’ and certainly I fell a lot more laid back, and again touch wood no real side effects other than a little light RLS around 3am a couple of times.

There is shed loads of information on side-effects, but one thing I’ve learnt from this forum, is everyone is different, and it does seem to affect different people in different ways.

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Lineker in reply to phantom388

I found your story very interesting and almost encouraging. Thanks for making contact and good luck.

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Side effects are very much related to each individuals own physiology. It depends what you can tolerate! Not only that, the feelings you describe can be related to many drugs or conditions!!

I was put on this drug when it was first adopted for use with RLS back in ‘98 and it brought immense relief for my RLS. For me a miracle drug!!

But as with all this class of drugs, as we use them, our bodies need more so the dose is increased. After 12 years, i suffered from severe augmentation.

Good luck!

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Lineker in reply to HilsK

You talk a lot of common sense, Your input is much a appreciated.

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