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Tramadol no longer working, stopping it for a while?


Tramadol is no longer working at all for me. At first it was wonderful, but slowly over the past couple of years it has been less effective. Now 5am in the morning, had no sleep.

My doctors are useless regarding this awful condition, their knowledge is very limited, and I dont have an option to change surgeries.

I know a member of this group mentioned they stop Tramadol every so often for a month, and then it works again for a while, so I’m thinking of going down this route. I would like to try Kratom, but the price is well beyond my pocket. I’m running out of options. Had ropinerole in the past, but it augmented, and was hell to get off.

If you’ve ever tried a break from Tramadol I would appreciate your help and advice.

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Kratom wise, the powder is cheaper than the ready made capsules - by quite a bit in some circumstances and if you shop around there are deals to be got.

going here are a wide variety of drugs that can be used, take a look here:

Other things to consider are iron levels (people with RLS can have good blood iron levels but lack it in the brain and so gentle iron can help this - check the search bar at top right of page)a.

Are you taking any drugs that can make things worse (think of antidepressants, antihistamines here)?

Hot baths/showers can ease things as can yoga stretches.

Check dietary factors - avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Check out going gluten (and dairy maybe) free - I find gluten really hits my RLS.

I used Tramadol in the past and indeed came off it as it stopped working. Then after going through a free other drugs came back to Tramadol which worked again... until it didn't and I had to change again. Many rotate the drugs they take or take breaks and come back to them as the body works against what you put into it and you develop tolerance and the drug looses efficacy.

Hope that helps, take care.

It's difficult to get an opiate prescribed for RLS. You could try a holiday from Tramadol and then start again.

I read you've tried a dopamine agonist in the past Ropinirole and wouldn't advise a dopamine agonist.

Kratom I believe is expensive and I believe, unregulated, which mans you never know what you're really gettong, nor how mich.

However, if you've never tried gabapentin or pregabalin before, then it's worth trying one of them.

In the meantime I hope you have had your vit B12, vit D and ferritin checed.

Also looked at any triggers or other medications you're taking that make RLS worse.

Kept a food diary.

how much Tramadol do you take? I started with 100 mg about 10 years ago and for the last 3 years I've been on 200mg and still working for me. I know everyone is different but maybe you just need to up your dosage.

kratom has worked wonders for me for the past 5+ years. If you look at the per-dose cost, I don't think it is very much. The best thing is that I have not had to increase my dosage at all to get the same amount of relief. And it is COMPLETE relief. I mix a teaspoon of red-veined Indo kratom (I've tried red-veined Thai with the same results, and Primo Indo is my favorite) in some boiling water, add cold water to make a full glass, and drink it. It tastes absolutely awful, but you get used to it. They also sell capsules which are probably much easier to get down. I use the capsules when I travel so I'm not travelling with a strange-looking green powder :). Within 10 minutes of consumption, I feel a wave of calm over my legs, arms, and ribcage (one or all three being affected nightly). I sometimes take another teaspoon dose an hour later, or I'll wait until the RLS comes back at 5am and take it then. I buy the largest-sized tub of kratom and, at 2 tsp per night, it lasts me several months. Shop around - like raffs said below, the capsules may be cheaper, I don't know. I've tried several of the online kratom places and they all were legit and gave me basically the same product (at least it has the same results in the same dosage).

I don't understand the "natural high" concept it's supposed to give you. I've never had any kind of "high" when taking kratom, except for the joy of having my RLS relieved. I've done a lot of research on kratom (it was a subject of a published paper of mine when I was working on a masters in Forensic Science), and my understanding is that higher, nightly doses may cause liver and/or kidney damage, similarly to acetaminophen (Tylenol). To combat that, I take N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which is liver/kidney cleanser.

I've tried Ropinrole but it caused augmentation. Tramadol puts me to sleep but doesn't do anything for my RLS.

I agree with every single thing you’ve said about Kratom! Even the part where I travel with capsules to avoid any weird looks going through security!

In response to Manuevas comments about it, being an unregulated product doesn’t mean you “roll the dice” so to speak with what you’re getting when you buy Kratom.

I have been on it for about a year now and have never once found a variation or difference in quality when reordering. I always get it from the same website, and picked it do to close proximity to my home town, so shipping costs are lower.

I am not at all new to RLS and have struggled for over 20 years with this horrible condition. I’d take Kratom over ANY of the pharmaceuticals that are talked about on this website. Kratom works, plain and simple.

Yes I have posted on here that I use Tramadol and periodically take drug holidays because stops working. I stop for a month and then it starts working again. I do this be6 I don't want to keep upping the dose because of side effects. I really hope it works for you.

I tried Kratom duri g these breaks and it worked pretty well initially. Sadly I had to stop because it caused pain in my oesophagus. Good luck.x

Sorry can’t help here. I’ve never had a problem unless I take the capsule too late. I usually take it at 6:30pm before bed at around 10:30

Hi..... Came across you and your problem through being nosey.

Looking at who lived near me in Lincolnshire.

I also have a leg problem at night time. For me the problem has been solved by eating a largish banana every morning with porridge.

Am not joking, I ran out of this fruit last week and by night time my legs were really giving me hell.

It always take a couple of days supply to bring whatever the chemical lacking is..... back to the level needed.

I am not a crank, I am totally serious, this is what works for me.

Who knows..... give it a try for a week and see what happens.


Thank you Buzzytruk, maybe its the potassium they contain that works for you. I tried banana but it didnt work. Thanks anyhow for replying.

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