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Restiffic foot wraps for RLS


Has anybody tried them ? One never stops looking or hoping something might make things better but would rather not spend £199 if useless. Thank you. Diana

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Some people have found them good.

If you search on this site, there have been a few conversations about them.

Would a percussion type massager do the job? They also work for some of us. Lot cheaper.

Bookseller in reply to Madlegs1

Ah, thank you. I’ll scoot about this site, which is wonderful but I have difficulty sussing out how to navigate. Thanks again. Diana

Madlegs1 in reply to Bookseller

On my phone, there is a magnifying glass search button, top right. Type in word and go.😎

I tried the pair last night-my neurologist had given a pair to me a few years ago. At the time, I just thought-how ridiculous that he thinks this could work! But, I pulled them out last night in desperation and it seemed to give immediate relief. I was having a particularly bad night with one calf and foot fully spasming every minute or so. The pull on sleeve has a ball that pushes on your instep. BUT, for the record, I had taken .25 of pramipexole, though it was not working at ALL. I will try Restiff again when I have taken no drugs and let you know.

I tried them. When I first used them they seemed to work. I wore them every night for a month. They never seemed to work again. I sent them back.

LanaCSR in reply to BookmanJoe

Same thing happened to me.

I take ropinirole and have had success with it over the years but lately I have been having symptoms during the day. At the suggestion of my wife, I have tried compression socks and have found them to be very helpful. Also I have neuropathy in my feet (I have high arches and hammer toes) and my podiatrist suggested I try orthotics. I have found over the years that sore feet seem to make my RLS worse. Whether it is the compression socks or my orthotics, my RLS has gotten much better during the day and I am sleeping better. The compression socks cost about $15.00. I should probably mention that you should not wear the socks at night, in bed. I have found that the socks have a calmly effect on my legs that carry over into the night.

They help some nights when the rls comes on before I go to bed. But because of osteo arthritis they are impossible to put on by myself so have to ask my wife to do it if she hasn't gone to bed already! I need to leave them on for 45 mins to 1 hour and the effect usually lasts all night. Nothing is effective every time.

I have also posted recently that a friend was taking Aesculus, horse chestnut drops, sold for varicose veins, and found they work for rls so she bought some for me. She takes about 14 drops in water but I need at least 30 and sometimes more. Now supplementing with 1200mg Vitality CBD oil and started experimenting with their skin spray a couple of times to relieve pain in legs. Too soon to give a positive recommendation.

I am surprised to see so many on prescription meds as the side-effects are so scary. That's why I have searched high and low for natural remedies. I take 200mg of Magnesium Citrate with Vit b6, P5P every evening after dinner and that helps as does drastically cutting down salt to way below the RDA. Seriously, I also value prayer which also helps get through the bad nights.

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