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He, Dic Carlson, Another suggestion...

Have you tried or looked into info on Lithium orotate? (This is the mineral form of lithium, not the drug form of lithium carbonate.) Dr. Jonathan Wright has written about it, and here are a few others. There is a lot of info on using lithium orotate, and of course, there is always what people say in the reviews on Amazon with their uses and experiences. Check it out.

myersdetox.com/transcript - lithium - deficiency - mental - health - with - James- Greenblatt (talks about, among other thing, sleep and insomnia and resetting the circadian rhythm.) also drmanso.com/patient-education-guide/lithium/ (Altho he uses the lithium carbonate form in very low doses in water.) Also mindbodygreen.com feeling stressed or depressed/0-11261/ you might be missing this nutrient ( mentions lithium can have an inhibitory action on glutamate.) another one marsvenus.com/p/ar500-lithi... (mentions in the video about sleep and thoughts that won't turn off, etc.)

Thought I would send some info your way and hope it might be helpful for your sleep problems.

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Thanks Lauraflora - I'll check out those links. I started to take Potassium Bicarbonate in the AM and the Adrenal Cocktail in the evening. Then before bed a 3mg Melatonin time release and an acid reducer (for silent reflux). I'm ready to try these at half-strength. I sleep 10 PM to 3 or 4 AM, mostly. I just read the MeyersDetox article and ordered the KAL Lithium Oratate. I'll update you. Thanks again!


Here is another one thelithiumdoctor.com which is Dr. Mark Millar who is mentioned in various other posts. As you scroll down ( the issue is how much can one safely take and get results, since some have results from low doses and some not so much.) Dr. Millar says it is safe up to 100mg of the elemental lithium, and mentions that Dr. Jonathan Wright has for years had people on 40 mg, with no side effects or actual problems even after checking their blood work. He goes on to say that, as one gets enough in one's system, after awhile less is needed. Even the safe maximum amount of 100mg of elemental lithium, in lithium orotate, is much less than the very high doses of lithium carbonate- 300 to 450mg per day.

Anyway, read up on it.


I have been on Lithium Carbonate for 30 years, and unfortunately, it didn’t stop me from getting RLS or helped me in any way with my symptoms. I realize that’s a different form of Lithium, I just had the desire to put my 2 cents in!!


Thanks for your input. This is less about RLS than it is with problems sleeping, which several of us have had, separate from RLS (meaning little or no RLS symptoms, yet chronic insomnia - either getting to sleep or staying asleep.) And this is lithium orotate, rather than lithium carbonate.

We are exploring the possibilities...

Dic and I have exchanged posts back and forth about this subject for awhile. Anyone is welcome to read or join in to these posts, tho.


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