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Has anyone had experience of longtec.I have had bone graft with screws in my lower back many years ago.I have been on 80 mg per day.supposed to take 40 in morning but I take the full 80 in the morning in order to get up and about what I have to do.I have built up a tolerance now and even moving around is painfully.recently the excruciating pain is centred on the crescent shaped scar where the bone was taken from.this is something different than my arthritis pains.has anyone had this type of operation.My doctor is the timid conservative type and won't change my pain control because a consultant prescribed it.I have to have another MIR to see what is going on there.I told him bluntly "bullshit"he just shrugged.I wished the pain on him for five minutes so he could feel what I feel

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Hi Garvary,

Did you mean to post on the Restless Leg Syndrome forum? I see you have posted in the Pain Concern community previously.

I have had similar surgery in both my lower back and neck except the bone grafts were from cadavers, not my own bone. You really should get a new MRI, you probably have more herniated discs which are pressing on nerves causing you this pain. Every time they fix herniated discs, it seems in most people, the disc above or below the surgery have more strain on them and they wind up herniated also. I also suffer a lot of pain, but will never have another spine surgery unless I can't walk. I also have RLS which might be a result of the spine surgeries and I take oxycodone 5mg 2 times a day. Sometimes I do take an extra one or use over the counter pain meds like tylenol or ibuprofen during daytime hours. Best of luck to you.

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