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Restless Legs Syndrome

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New here :)

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Hello everybody :))

just found this site after doing a little research and looking for a bit of help. Around 4 months ago I had dull aches in legs then quickly followed by burning and twitching of the skin. Blood tests were done and had a nerve test too with needles. All came back as normal. My doctor prescribed Pregabalin ( made things worse ) and now trying Gabapentin, three weeks in and no change. I came off Citalopram40mg around 5 months ago ( after 11 years ) and I am wondering if this is the cause, Doctor reckons not the case nor menopause. Guys, I am so very worried things will get so bad I wont be able to cope and feeling lost as this is all so very new. A lot of people say they suffer lack of sleep, I dont have this. Any support will be fantastic. Thank you for reading.

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You are not suffering from restless legs Syndrome. It would keep you awake.

It sounds more like a nerve condition.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply Madlegs1, I will be sure to go back and see my Gp.

Much appreciated :)

Hmmm, I'm inclined to agree with Madlegs. It sounds as though your GP needs to engage more with your symptoms. Well done for researching around the topic yourself. You might need to do even more of this to help give your GP a steer.

Thank you involuntarydancer for your reply. Hopefully when I know more I will come back to the forum and update :))

Pramipexole worked for me. A slight warning unleashed my libido; much to my husbands amusement.

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