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Do I really have RLS


My mother has it and for the last 20 years or so I think I have it however, I only feel it in my ankles and never in my legs. I never get it if I take my pramipexole around 4:00 pm everyday. Now here is the thing, I’m suppose to take 0.35 once a day which is a very low dose but I cut the pill in half and only take 0.17. I never have to take more and it does not build up in my body forcing me to. Reading most others post it would seem I am lucky. So do I have RLS or something else?

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It's possible that you have rls, especially if the Prami alleviates it.

You are right to keep the dose low. 0.35 is only a low dose for Parkinson's patients. It is too high for rls. 0.25 would be regarded as tops there.

You could cut the pill a further time and see what that does for you.

The lower the dose the better.

If the 0.088 ( there is a pill that size) is not enough, it might be an idea to help it with some Gabapentin-- starting at 100 ,and working up to 300, at night. Talk to your doctor, although it appears, he/she is not too up to date on rls. No blame, -- it is a very complicated and fraught subject.

That strategy would be safer and avoud any augmentation etc.

Hope you get on well. Cheers.

You certainly could have it just in your ankles. RLS bis not just for legs. I would prefer Restless Body Syndrome for the namer, since people really can get that RLS feeling just about anywhere. RLS can travel, so you have a kind of mild case, but it can progress, but the low dose is good, and alwaya keep that class of meds as low as possible.

Cut your dose in half, and take it two or three hours before bed.

Should your symptoms worsen, then get off the pramipexole and on to something else.

You do not want to be above 0,25, preferably not above 0.125.

It is not a friendly drug in the long term.

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