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I am interested in knowing how other sufferers of OCD (side effect of some of our meds), explain the condition.

I never had the condition until I began taking Sifrol. I was texting a friend last night explaining how I was cleaning my unit getting ready for the cleaner (makes sense to me) and by the time I crawled into bed it was 4am, albeit leaving behind a spotless unit. My friend said that she didn't understand OCD at all. My explanation was .... when you start doing something it is impossible to stop until the task is completed, and you actually enjoy doing it. Does that ring true for other OCD sufferers?

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Are there OLD side effects with Pramipexole? ?!!

Parminter in reply to SLMCP

Compulsive behaviour, yes, BIG time. Compulsive gambling, shopping, eating, sex, the whole shebang. It's on the package -insert and in all the literature.

If you are taking it, and are wondering about some new compulsive behaviours, and blaming yourself, and feeling guilty, then stop.

It is not you.

It is the medication.

Grany, Sifrol is a dopamine agonist! And like other dopamine agonists one of the primary, and COMMON, side-effects is OCD.

I know, I'm there too, and it is absolutely awful.

Both of us must come off this dreadful stuff, we must.

To be turned into something you're not, uncontrollably, is my vision of hell.

Which is why I am now fighting like a demon to take back control, to stop being a victim of a very flawed system, and assert my own agency.

I am fed up to the back teeth and taking back my own life from the ministrations of bad rugs and well-meaning but ignorant doctors.

Grany and SLMCP, here is a paper all about Impulse Control and Dopamine Agonists.


TEAH35 in reply to Parminter

Thanks for that .... but could you 'short-cut' me to a page that I can understand!😨

Grany, just double-click on the blue bit, a left double-click.

That is the short-cut.

The blue things are called hyper-links. It connects you directly to the item in question, as fast as light, almost.

All quite wonderful and entertaining.

I have found the OCD thing hugely distressing, almost worse than the disease itself - so, lousy, lousy, lousy. Insult to injury.

It is the main reason I want to quit DAs, I no longer feel like 'me'.

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