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RLS Baa Humbug


I’ve had RLS for 20+ years and did my share of walking around the house when I should have been sleeping. Three years ago my doctor recommended that I try a prescription drug called Tramadol. I’ve been taking 200 mg since then and my RLS is mostly in the past. I went from having 30 bad nights a month to having two a month. May not work for everyone but it’s been a life saver for me.

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Great news!

Opiates have always been the gold standard treatment for rls.

The main challenge, has been to get doctors to prescribe them.


wildlegs in reply to Madlegs1

I agree!!!


My GP wouldn’t either so went to a pain doctor. He was more then accommodating and understood the problem. Tramadol is not habit forming and if it doesn’t work you stop taking it no problem. The laws in most states are just way over the top and your average doctor just doesn’t want to get involved.

nightdancer in reply to Legsbohn

Tramadol may be a synthetic opioid, and it is scheduled lower than other opioids, but it can be habit forming, you can build a tolerance up, etc. As long as it is used properly, there is a difference between addiction and tolerance. I take Tramadol for my short acting pain med, and have for a long time, same dose, have actually lowered it a bit. :)

you need to go to a pain doctor. GPs are afraid to prescribe for some reason.

thanks Legsbohn but I have been taking Tramadol know for over 12mths,it is good for the pain but you say its not habit forming, but I have tried several times to come of it but without any success, it does work though for pain but you might feel a bit drowsy the next day I do, I feel sometimes as though I am on another planet. Anyway Legsboohn I'm so glad it works for you.XXXXXCONNIE50.

wildlegs in reply to connie50

I guess if it works for the pain then why would you want to stop taking it.

hiya the only reason I'm writing to you is, you say that is not habit forming, well I think your wrong, it is habit forming, in my case anyway. I have been trying to wean of it for ages because of the habit, but cant, but if I did wean of it what else is there?. NOTHING only what DR B gives his patients & that's oxycodone ,& that is very difficult to get hold of it.XXXXXCONNIE50

nightdancer in reply to connie50

not quite right there on Dr Buchfuhrer. He does not prefer Oxycodone for his RLS patients.

connie50 in reply to nightdancer

thanks night dancer but I actually sent him an email,& the reply I got was he treated his patients with this med if I have got this wrong I apologise.

I’m only stating what my doctor said that it wasn’t a problem getting off it. I’ve been taking it for many years but never tried to get off. As long as it works I have no plans on stopping.

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