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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi people's, how are you all going? I hope you're feeling better than you were last week.

So a lot has happened to me since I last addressed this group. Last week I ran out of two of my important meds ... Madopar and Clonazepam. As I had sold my car I had no way of getting to the pharmacy to replace them. So I was out of that medication for a week. And it was the best week I've had for years.

I was sleeping all night, a normal sleep not a drugged sleep.

I am living in a retirement village in Bundaberg now, and many of the residents have commented on my appearance this past week. I looked better, I was speaking clearer, and by the end of the week I was walking without a cane and I felt so much better.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and I have officially been diagnosed with bipolar. One would think I'd be sad about that, or concerned, or worried. But nope, not feeling any of that. I feel relieved. Because it explains so much to me. The bad decisions I have made throughout my life .... concentrating on the wrong issues and not paying attention to the important ones.

I haven't got an appt with a neurologist until April. Obviously he will do the final diagnosis, check my medication for my RLS and ensure I have the correct information to manage myself. A tad more serious than the major depression I was diagnosed with 2 years ago.

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Are you still off the two drugs? How are you managing?

Only when we know what we are up against can we do anything about it. Look forward to hearing of future good health.

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Hey Raffs, you're quick off the mark this evening. Yes I'm still off the meds and have had no withdrawals whatsoever.

When you consider that I was taking 4 Madopar (having been on them for 12 years) and 6 Clonazepam every night, I'm finding it amazing that there have been no withdrawals, as I stopped dead, cold turkey.

BUT the last two nights I have not slept well. The Clonazepam used to look after that.

My doctor has advised me to stay off them and we'll just see what happens .... fingers crossed.


Hi Phogan, good to hear from you. Especially in this way. Your texts even have a different ‘ring’ to them. I hope your sleep returns big time tonight or otherwise that you’ll find something to assist its return. Maybe a nice walk early evening? Followed by a cup of herbal tea, such as soothing chamomile or - my personal favourite - verveine?


No comment here; just wanted to say hi!


Trying to pm you


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