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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for RLS?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone tried “TMS” (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)? There have been several promising studies.

This one was only on 14 participants but it looks like it could be worthwhile exploring:


Another study:


TMS is being used successfully in depression and they are studying it here in japan for chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Been looking at TMS with regards to the God Helmet, never thought of it for RLS. Thanks for the link.


I am doing TMS for depression right now. I just started. In a month I will come back and update here to see if I notice a difference. I take opioids for RLS, so I might not be able to tell to what degree it helps, but I do still get breakthrough leg pain and will be able to judge based on that (maybe).


Hi Neverache,

Please do let us know how you go. I hope it’s a great success for both. I think the area of the brain they target with TMS is quite different though .. for RLS they target the motor cortex I believe.

Really good luck.

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Thanks, Ureshi17. You are right. I should have given more details. My treatment each day is 50 minutes long. Technically the depression part of the treatment is only 20 minutes. For the other half an hour, the tech moves the device around to different areas of the head with the aim of also treating me for pain. We are targeting different areas to help me with my chronic migraines, severe muscle spasms, RLS and anxiety. Depending on the area, they use different frequencies and pulse duration / patterns. My doctor says there is greater efficacy for depression if you do not limit it solely to the twenty minute, single area treatment and we are hoping it will also provide me with relief for these other conditions.


What type of machine are they using and how does that compare to the like of the Shiva 'God' Helmet?


It is the neurostar machine. I just googled the god helmet. No, it won’t help for RLS. The god helmet works on the temporal lobes. For RLS you need to stimulate the frontal lobe.


I think the neurostar machine might be a little out of my price range. Was hoping for a good excuse to buy the Shiva machine - at over 600 dollars it would be too much to spend on the chance of a possible spiritual type experience but I'd happily spend that to reduce the RLS.


Individuals don’t purchase the neurostar. You have to go to a doctor’s office for the treatments. Insurance covers it for depression. My cost is $0.


Hi Raffs,

I was looking into this device:


It seems to stimulate the motor cortex.

If you can have it done professionally though, I’m sure the Neurostar is much more effective.


Thanks for the post, however that's even more expensive than the 16 coil Shiva one:


The problem I think would be getting the placements right along with voltage and patterns of working. I have read a bit on making one but that is beyond my skill set. Also I'd imagine a big machine like the neurostar would have more customisation and as Neverache says it isn't a one size fits all so I am going to contact a couple of companies see what they say.


If money isn’t an issue, it wouldn’t hurt to try the Halo. However, I am skeptical. Neurostimulation isn’t a one size fits all - all settings are tailored to the individual. Intensity is adjusted for each person and the placement has to exact on the target area. It will be impossible to determine that with a set of headphones (though I could be wrong on this).


Got an email reply from teh Shiva people and unfortunately:

The technologies I work with are quite different from TMS.

TMS results can't be generalized to the God Helmet, at least, not until more research has been done.

Looks like we'll need to save up about 50k USD to get one of the proper machines!!!


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